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The Vanarama National League South

Slough Progress In Goal Fest After Extra Time

Slough Town

Slough Town

Palmer (unknown, unknown, 6-5), Gilliat (unknown, 5-2, 8-5, 9-5), Piner (4-1), M. Nash (7-5)
Marlow Res

Marlow Res

Ellison (3-1, 4-2, 5-3), Unknown (5-4), Unknown (5-5)
Berks & Bucks Junior Cup Walter Gilliatt
Considerable excitement was manifested in the second meeting of the Slough and Marlow Reserves in the third round of the Berks & Bucks Junior Cup, at the Dolphin Ground, Slough, last Saturday.

The teams met previously at Marlow on which occasion the game was stopped four minutes short of the proper time, through darkness. Slough at that time leading by two goals to one.

Both clubs strengthened their teams for last Saturday's match, the home team being fortunate enough to secure the services of W. E. Gilliat (Oxford University), while on the other hand, Marlow included in their eleven W.H. Silvey, of the Old St. Marks.

The game was productive of some truly remarkable scoring as will be seen from the facts appended.

The home team won the toss and kicked down hill with the win in their favour, and immediately advancing to the attack scored three goals in the first fifteen minutes (Palmer two, and Gilliat).

Marlow now reduced the majority against them, Ellison scoring, but Slough very soon replied by adding a fourth point by the aid of Piner.

Ellison, again, was instrumental in bringing about the downfall of the Slough citadel, but Gilliat very soon placed the latter team another goal ahead. Shortly before change, Ellison again scored for Marlow and when the teams crossed over, Slough were leading by five goals to three, with Slough having had by far the better of the game.

After positions had been reversed, however, the visitors with the win and hill in their favour very soon began to show they were far from beaten, while on the other hand, Slough seemed all to pieces.

Marlow added a fourth goal, and then a fifth, which equalised matters, and playing by far a better game looked winners all over.

Slough however, although severely pressed, succeeded in keeping their goal intact, and when the referee's whistle sounded time, the score stood five goals all.

There being every prospect of daylight holding out, the referee ordered an extra half hours play and the ball was once again set in motion.

Encouraged by the applause of their supporters, Slough now played in rattling style, seldom giving their opponents a chance. Palmer soon scored a sixth point for them amidst deafening cheers, and Gilliat put on goal number seven and before the extra half hour was concluded, the latter clever player whipped in with two more, and Marlow, failing to reply, had to return defeated, but certainly not disgraced, after a fast and exciting game by nine goals to five.

For the winners, all played so well that it would be unfair to individualize. Gilliat, however, especially distinguished himself, whilst for the losers, White, Silvey, Ayres, Wethered and Ellison played best.

Marlow Res Lineup

C. J. Walker, J. White, G. M. Faulkner (c), T. Rose, W. H. Silvey, E. P. Benson, H. Corby, G. Ayres, W.P. Wethered, G. Judge, H. B. Ellison.


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