Slough Move Forward In Cup

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Moore (85)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Gooderson (18), Poole (36), Wright (75)
FA Cup Unknown
On Saturday last the above clubs met to determine which should into the third qualifying round of the football cup competition. In the first round Slough disposed of Marlow and the Norfolkians accounted for Maidenhead.

Saturdays game was anticipated with considerable interest, as it was generally agreed that there was little to choose between the teams, and that a hotly contested game would be witnessed.

And hotly contested it was, a deal of needless vigour and feeling being at times imported into it by both sides. It was a good thing that a referee of Mr Crabtree's experience and firmness was secured for the match, since he had teams in hand from the first and let it be pretty clearly understood that he meant to check everything tending to foul play.

The Norfolkians were at full strength, and a like remark applies to Slough, who are going very strongly again this year and are certainly a smart and clever team.

The attendance was large, the gate realising £18 10s. The visitors won the toss, and chose to defend the pavilion goal. The Norfolkians were quickly driven back on the kick-off 3.15, but a foul being given in favour of the Norfolk's the latter was soon making for the upper goal.

Moore was pulled up for fouling Smith (who scored six goals in 25 minutes against Marlow on the previous Saturday), and it was within nice range of goal. The Norfolk's, however, cleared, as did Slough when the homesters had a free kick for a foul by Padwick.

There was now a very fine bit of combination by Poole, Smith, and Gooderson. Poole got clear, but Jones fell at his feet in checking him, and although for a minute Lawrence's charge was in jeopardy, it remained intact, a final shot by Ivall just missing the net.

There was now a lull in play while the referee gave a lecture to Young, Emony, and Wheeler. When Mr Crabtree had concluded his explanatory notes play was resumed.

Poole secured, and sending the ball onto Gooderson, the latter got round Jones and sent in a grand shot from almost a goal-line. Poole was up to put on the finishing touch, but this was not needed, the ball passing in the farthest corner before Lawrence could get there.

This goal Slough was received with much cheering by the large contingent of supporters from the Bucks town. It was a deserved goal, and was obtained 18 minutes from the start. This

The Norfolkians front rank managed to get together-which was a rare occurrence during the game-and they made a rush on the Slough position. The defence was impregnable and the ball was speedily put out of danger.

Two fouls against Slough-the second a particularly bad one by Padwick on Wheeler-followed in quick succession. The last was within the penalty area and the referee gave a penalty kick. This was taken by J Harrington and the home spectators were preparing to applaud an equalising point when Crocker just touched the ball sufficiently to tip it over the bar. The consequence corner kick yielded nothing, Goom sending the ball over the bar.

Padwick fouled Gutteridge and gave the Norfolk's a free kick. Jones took it and dropped the ball in very nicely, but the whole was spoilt by Wheeler's bundling in and obstructing the goalkeeper and giving Slough a free kick.

The subsequent exchanges were even. It wanted but nine minutes to half-time when Padwick centred nicely to Smith and the latter passing onto Gooderson, that player shot, Lawrence saved, but did not clear sufficiently and Poole running up netted the ball. Two goals for Slough.

After this the Norfolk's attacked determinedly and Crocker had to save from Wheeler, while a good shop by Millar went behind, though well directed. Half-time arrived with the score unaffected.

On the restart the Norfolkians played an unsteady game. The referee was a little fussy over fouls, the play being stopped for purely technical offences and an onlooker deemed it necessary to remind him that the men were not playing ping-pong.

The game proceeded with varying success to each side, each goal being menaced now and again. It was not until half an hour from the restart that there was any further scoring.

Then Wright received the ball from Smith, and getting away and eluding the backs dribbled the ball almost into the net, the goalkeeper having no chance with rights final kick. The score was now three goals for Slough.

The game was by no means over. Norfolk's, so far from being discouraged, played with redoubled energy, and was speedily attacking the Slough goal. There was at this point a stoppage of the game owing to the pugnacious attitude of Goom and Summersby. The referee interposed, and after lecturing the pair made them shake. This they did, but with manifest reluctance and some mental reservation, and the referee deemed it necessary to add further words of caution.

From now to the end of the game play was of an exciting character, especially when five minutes before time Goom took a corner for the Norfolk's, and so splendidly placed the ball that Moore was able to score a goal for the Norfolkians.

During the remaining minutes the Norfolkians made great efforts to further improve their position. In these they failed and the final score was Slough three goals, Norfolkians one goal

Slough were at a disadvantage in the second half owing to Gooderson having received an injury to 1 of his thighs. He was out of combat for nearly the whole of the 45 minutes, and left the field entirely 10 minutes before the finish.

The best team won, Slough displaying better combination and playing more steadily than their opponents.

Norfolk's failed on several occasions solely through want of steadiness and deliberation.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

A. Lawrence, C. Jones, J. Harrington, S. Gutteridge, H. Harrington, A. Goom, H. Wiggins, C. Millar, F. Moore, W. Emony, R. Wheeler.


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