Slough Town

Slough Town

R. Ivall (4, 30, 60, 5-1), Gooderson (24), Smith (6-2, 8-3), Poole (7-3)
Chesham United

Chesham United

Keen (4-1), Hayes (5-2), Cartwright (6-3 pen)
FA Cup Unknown
This game, which, in spite of a miserably wet afternoon, attracted a capital attendance to the Dolphin ground, Slough, on Saturday, was hardly so one-sided as the score would indicate, Slough owing their victory to 8 goals to 3 to the great superiority of the shooting.

The home club had beaten Marlow, Reading amateurs and Maidenhead Norfolkians in the previous rounds, but this was Chesham's first match in the competition.

Slough were without their goalkeeper, Sid Crocker, who had his head cut open the previous Saturday, while assisting Berks and Bucks against Herts, his place being taken by G. Werrell, the old Slough captain and full-back.

Ivall opened the scoring for Slough after four minutes play, and 20 minutes later, after Wright had hit the post, Gooderson put Slough to head with a screw in from of the touchline.

Just half an hour from the start Ivall notched a third point for the homesters, from a finely placed corner by Padwick, the ball striking the crossbar and rebounding into the net.

In a hot attack by Chesham, Padwick had a penalty kick given against him, but Werrell saved Jacques' shot, and Slough crossed over leading by 3 to nil.

Chesham did most of the pressing on restarting, but shot poorly, and 15 minutes from change of ends Ivall headed a fourth goal for Slough, following a corner.

After this the home goal had several narrow escapes, and at last Keen found the net for Chesham from a corner.

Ivall immediately replied for Slough with a tremendous drive. Hayes registered a second item for Chesham from a centre by Jacques, but no sooner had the ball been restarted than Gooderson and Smith got clean away. Read saved Gooderson's shot, but Smith met the ball and drove it past the visiting goalkeeper for the sixth time.

Then Padwick had another penalty kick given against him for charging, and from this Cartwright but on Chesham's third goal.

Poole and Smith got through for Slough in the closing stages and the final score was Slough eight goals; Chesham three.

Spratley, the Chesham captain, deserves a special word of praise for his sound play and for Slough, Ivall, Smith, Gooderson, and Poole were always prominent, the defence hardly being as safe as usual.

Chesham United Lineup

W. Read, G. Darvell, W. West, F. J. Spratley (c), P. J. Keenm H. Mayo, F. Goodyer, F. Hayes, P. Cartwright, W. Hmphrey, G. H. Jacques.


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