Slough Through In Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Smith (1-0, 2-0, 4-1), Wright (3-1)
Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Durrant (2-1)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
This match was played on Saturday at the Dolphin ground, Slough, before a very fair gathering. A gale of wind prevailed and made it next to impossible for the players to control the ball.

Maidenhead were without Staples and Henry, and Collyer and Drummond took their places. Slough are without Summersby, but otherwise were at full strength.

Maidenhead won the toss, and played with the wind in the first half. They were attacking during nearly the whole of this time; and within 33 minutes they had scored a couple of goals (both by Smith), each as the result of a breakaway in which the Slough forwards prove themselves more fleet of foot than the visiting backs.

After allowing for the difficulty of controlling the ball, the Maidenhead forwards ought, with such openings as they had, to have scored two or three easy goals, and would have done so but for lamentable hesitation, notably by Drummond, who was new to senior play.

What good shots were put in by Edmunds, Gyngell, and others were finally saved by the Slough custodian and no goals fell to Maidenhead credit in the opening half, Slough starting the second half with a couple of points to their credit.

Shortly after the restart, Durrant, with a fine low shot, scored a point for Maidenhead, Wright replied with another for Slough.

Mainly through the fine play of Wright, who kept dashing along the touchline, Slough continued to press, and at 4:09 Smith made the score four to one in Slough's favour.

In the closing minutes Maidenhead tried very hard to reduce their opponents lead, but Young and Werrell defended well, and the result of a moderate game was a win for Slough by four to one.

The winners now meet Maidenhead Norfolkians in the divisional championship.

Maidenhead United Lineup

R. Edwards, N. Durrant, Alf Walton, H. Woodhouse, W. Walton, M. Walton, A. Collyer, E. Edmonds, P. Drummond, A. Gyngell, R. Durrant.


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