Slough Town

Slough Town

Corbett (24, 70), West (3-2), Andrews (87)
Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Bignell (20), Stagg (37)
FA Cup Unknown
A large crowd of spectators, although not more than had been expected, assembled at the Dolphin ground, Slough, on Saturday afternoon, to witness the fight between Slough and Windsor in the second stage of the English cup competition.

The actual number that paid for admission was 1242, the takings amounting to £31 3s. 9d. A great many supporters of Windsor came over, the trains between two and 3 o'clock being crowded, whilst others came by cycle or on foot. It is several years since the teams had met, and those who predicted a close struggle were not disappointed.

As is usually the case with near neighbours, both sides were very keen on winning, and had determined to die hard. Extensive preparations were made by the executive of the Slough club. The weather was all that could be desired, a of being in excellent order, and everything favoured a good game.

Prior to the commencement of hostilities the Slough town band played "Pansy Faces" and other selections, and by 3:30 the majority of the onlookers were on the tiptoe of excitement when the time for the game to commence arrived.

The teams lined up just as advertised, with the exception that the Slough front line had been rearranged, Corbett having gone inside to Denton, whilst Andrews and Roberts had also changed places.

It was five minutes gone the half hour when the shrill sound of the referees whistle signalled to the bandsmen that their services could be dispensed with.

The Windsor skipper claimed choice of territory, which was decided in the usual way, and he decided to take advantage of a slight breeze by defending the top end goal.

It was not long before Slough reached the Windsor 25, and from a pass by Corbett, prior beat Skinner and shot, but Starie cleared beautifully. The Globe was returned and Ivall sent to Corbett, but the old international was to well watched to get through, and the ball rolled harmlessly behind the line.

The Windsor forwards burst away, led by Bignall, who made a gallant attempt to get in a shot, in which he was frustrated by West. Prior again dashed up the extreme right and forced a corner, which was miserably taken, though Corbett tried to remedy matters by a shot which went sailing over the horizontal stick. Splendid play by the Windsor backs transferred the venue to the opposite end, where Bignell was ever on the alert, but so was Wilkins.

Both sides were now settling down to work in real earnest, and the leather went up and down the field at a great rate, the spirit of the opposing sets of spectators fluctuating at any Poole speed. Following some clever footwork between Roberts and Corbett, Denton forced a corner which proved fruitless.

Again Prior received a pass Roberts, and put in a shot which Bennett saved at the expense of a corner; this, like its predecessors, proved of no avail. Smart work by the Windsor left-wing Slough on the defensive, Lilley a saying a long shot which Tilly negotiated.

Windsor were very energetic and for a time had by far the best of matters, Stagg and Bignell doing fine execution in the advance guard, which occasionally assumed dangerous aspect. Then to relieve matters the homesters got another corner, but by this time it was concluded that these were useless for they nearly all went behind.

Again the Royalists attacked strongly, and this time their efforts were rewarded. Perry ran down the right and passing to Bignell, that player, with splendid judgement, sent the ball into the right-hand corner of the net. This success, after 20 minutes turn work, was hailed with tremendous enthusiasm.

Slough now had something to wipe off the slate, and they set to do it with the will. After Prior had tried unsuccessfully Denton came up with a rush, only to be frustrated by Bennett, who saved well.

For a couple of minutes the Windsor custodian was hemmed in and he cleared time after time. But the pace became a little too hot for him, and the hall together missed a clinking shot from the foot of Corbett. Slough that equalised four minutes after their opponents and then there were – well more "Pansy Faces."

Shortly after matters went all Windsorwards and their chance appeared very rosy, but as the song says, there was a jolly long way to go yet. Prior was winded by the ball and was temporarily incapacitated, and at this point Andrews had to leave the field owing to his leg going to it. This fairly upset the Slough front line for a time and Windsor profited by the homesters discomfiture.

Never once did the Reading Greens slacken pace, and it made the onlookers tremble when Ivall fouled Stagg close in, but Lilley sent the leather over.

A minute later another outburst announced that the visitors had again done the trick. Bignell had succeeded in drawing out Wilkins, and whilst the latter was paying attention to the Windsor centre, Stagg forced his way round and scoring a rattling fine goal. There were eight minutes to go, but during that time Windsor more than held their own.

At half-time the score was Slough 1, Windsor 2 exchanges marked the opening of the second half, the first item worthy of note being a magnificent long shot from Ivall – one of his old favourites – which struck the crossbar and rebounded into play, Denton returning it over the upright.

Good work by Skinner compelled Wilkins to give a corner, and this was nicely judged, though Tilly averted disaster. A similar point fell to Slough, only to be rendered valueless by being sent in rear. From now the Slough side began to show superiority, and during a bout of passing in front of the royalists citadel, Roberts lost an easy chance of equalising. Bennett being right out of goal looking after Prior. Ivall banged in a lightning shot which struck Corbett in its onward flight and received a check.

Windsor is right wing made several efforts to get away and eventually did so, but West and Wilkins were taking no risks. Returning to the fray Roberts taxed Bennett with a beauty which the lofty custodian repulsed, and a minute later Roberts again tried a pass from Prior, but the globe went wide of the target.

Corbett was working like a Trojan to get on equal terms and it took the Windsor defence all its time to keep the nimble player in hand. After another fruitless corner the long expected happened, for it was impossible for the Windsor goal to withstand the terrible onslaught made on it.

It was Corbett who did the trick, for when Bennett dealt with a sharp shot from Prior, the international blocked the ball and sent it spinning into the net. It was now the Slough supporters turned cut capers and the did it to their hearts content. There was still 20 minutes to go and the game was anybody's yet, though Slough's number appeared to be in the ascendant.

From the restart Windsor seemed the aggressive, and Wilkins gave a corner. This was nicely put in, but Tilly waited his chance and punched the ball away, only to see it finely returned by Holtum. Then an incident occurred which made the Slough spectators hold their breath. A misunderstanding letting Bignell, but as he was in the act of shooting he had the misfortune to slip, and the opportunity was gone.

Perry tried to remedy the mistake and sent the leather netwards, only to find Tilly well on the alert. The Bucks quintet took up the running, and following good work by Prior and Andrews, Roberts shot out. Then Young put in a straight one, and despite the marked observations of Corbett during its onward flight Bennett managed to effect a clearance, a corner being the only result.

Although Slough having the lion's share of the play, time was on the wing, and thoughts were being entertained of a replay at Windsor. Corbett and Denton were always in the vanguard, the former being repeatedly applauded for his excellent performance. The Windsor backs and goalkeeper fought hard, especially on one occasion during a melee in front of the goal, which only resulted in a corner.

On another occasion Bennett and Prior collided, the custodian coming off the worst, and after this he was a bit nervous.

Just then when all hope seemed gone West practically won the match for Slough. Following a corner the leather was sent up the field, and West with a well directed shot returned it between the goal posts. It is needless to attempt to describe the enthusiasm that followed – a mighty shout rent the air, and hats, sticks, etc., went flying in all directions.

Scarcely had the leather started when Windsor made a desperate effort to equalise – and the Slough defence was momentarily shaky. It quickly recovered, and then three minutes from time Slough put the matter beyond doubt, for the forwards galloped away and Andrews finished a fine bit of work by adding a fourth goal.

Hardly had the shouting died away when the referee sounded ceasefire, the ultimate result being Slough 4, Windsor 2.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

G. E. Bennett, L. Cort Starie, F. Holtum, G. Cox, C. Lilley, E. Skinner, J. Wilkins, S. Perry, H. Bicknell, A. H. Stagg, C. Venner.


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