Slough win County Cup at Maidenhead

Windsor Vic

Windsor Vic

Slough Town

Slough Town

M. Nash, Piner, Piner
Berks & Bucks Junior Cup Attendance: 600 W. Piner
Peters beat Benstead in the toss, and elected to play downhill for the first half, the wind which blew across the inclosure being of little advantage to either team, and at 8.50 Benstead set the ball rolling. The Victorias started with great dash and for the first five minutes Sprong and Norris were well employed, a run by Gilliat and R.Nash at length relieving. Stacy, however, returned the ball, and Syrett had to rush out and clear a shot from Benstead.

A pretty by the Slough forwards looked dangerous, R.Nash's final shot missing mark by inches only. Musk then forced Sprong to concede a corner, but Wilson who was entrusted with kick, sent the ball behind. "Hands" off Stacey in dangerous proximity to Hamlin's charge proved abortive, Benstead obtaining possession and putting in a run three-parts the length of the field, Sprong eventually pulling him up. Some tricky play by Gilliat, R. Nash and Piner resulted in a corner off Stacey, two others following in quick succession, but the Windsor defence proved equal to each and every emergency.

Lutwyche and Mew were next conspicuous for a run on the left, and the former wound up with a long shot which Syrett misjudged, the wind just turning the ball into the corner of the goal, and amid great enthusiasm the “Vics” obtained the lead after 23 minutes play. This state of things did not suit Slough and their forwards, who had been playing very loosely, now exhibited greatly improved form, R.Nash on two occasions all but equalising matters, while directly after M. Nash had the goal apparently at his mercy but in endeavouring to steady the ball to shoot he accidently infringed the handling rule, and the free-kick transferred play midfield.

The next event worthy note was some dashing play by Gilliat, for which he was deservedly applauded his final effort going just wide. Even play followed and when the whistle signalled "half- time" " the score stood:

Windsor and Eton Victoria 1 Slough nil
In respect to minor points Slough had obtained 5 corners and 5 byes to their opponents' 1 corner and 7 byes.

After the usual interval and the players had refreshed themselves with oranges, Gilliat restarted the ball. Mow and Lutwyche at once obtained possession and from a centre by the last-named Benstead spoilt a fine opportunity of further increasing the “Vics” lead by shooting over.

Palmer and M. Nash worked the sphere to the other end by means of some short passing, and after five minutes of the second moiety had elapsed Hamlin muffed a daisy cutter from the foot of Piner, thus equalising matters.

This greatly elated the Slough supporters, who gave vent to their feelings by throwing hats, sticks, and handkerchiefs about indiscriminately. Encouraged by this success the amber and blue were continually pressing, in fact, the game underwent a complete change, and it was only the superb defence of Wilson and Stacey which prevented any further score. On one occasion Gilliat was badly fouled when right in the mouth of goal, and from the penalty kick the ball was again put through Hamlin's charge, but as the ball had not been played by an opponent it availed nothing.

From the goal-kick Lutwyche and Mew got clear away, Syrett rushing out and taking the ball off the former's foot just in the nick of time. The danger, however, was only momentarily, as Hamlin had to clear on two or three occasions, and eventually R. Nash and Piner rushed the ball through for the second time - the last-named giving the final touch - 15 minutes from the restart.

Slough continued to do all the pressing bye after bye resulting, M. Nash and Gilliat both shooting over. At length thirteen minutes front time, M, Nash with a swift cross shot notched a third point, and after this the match was all over bar shouting. Benstead and Hammerton made a meritorious effort to stem the tide of affairs, but they failed to pass Spong, who blighted their hopes with a long "punt." M. Nash again raised expectations of the Slough supporters by racing right away, he, however appeared to overrun the ball, and Wilson getting on terms with him forced him to shoot wide.

A collision between Peters and Hammerton necessitated a short stoppage, the last-named being badly winded. On a resumption Hamlin saved a shot from Piner in fine style and in the last minute or so the "Vics" led on by Benstead, caused Syrett some little anxiety, and he had just got rid of a beauty from Lutwyche when the whistle blew "time" the final score reading -

Slough 8 goals
Windsor and Eton Victoria 1 goals

In respect to minor points Slough obtained 2 corners and 10 byes to Windsor's 1 corner and 4 byes.

At the conclusion of the match a rush was immediately made for the wagonette from which the Cup was to be presented to the winners by the President of the Association the Rev. R. P. Newhouse. Owing to the continued interruptions of several Windsor youths only disjointed sentences reached our representative, but the rev. gentleman, after stating that he thought they would all agree with him that the Slough team had won on their merits, was understood to deprecate the introduction into a team for a final tie of a player or players to the exclusion of those who regularly assisted the club, and alluding to the scene at Wycombe, remarked that in future the Association would not deal so leniently in similar cases.

He had great pleasure in presenting the cup to the captain of the Slough team and explained that he could riot distribute the medals owing to a mistake having been made in the engraving, but they would be forwarded in the course of a few days. On the call of the President hearty cheers were given for both winners and losers.

Windsor Vic Lineup

H. Hamlin, F. Wilson, W. Stacy; J. Deacon R. Float, L. Lowman, E. Hammerton, S. Musk, E. Bensted, H. Mew, W. Lutwyche.


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