Slough Hit Staines For Six

Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Ivall (8 pen, 2-0, 3-0 pen), Andrews (4-0, 6-0), Prior (5-0)
Staines Town

Staines Town

League Unknown
These teams met before a moderate attendance at the Dolphin ground on Saturday, when the homesters ran out easy winners.

The game was only eight minutes old when Slough were awarded a penalty, and J. Ivall put his side one up. Two minutes later Staines gained a corner, which was followed by a struggle in front of goal. Tilly bringing off a grand save.

For a short time Staines had the best of matters, and several shots were put in. Then Slough got going, Prior cantering down the wing and centring twice in succession. The first time Andrews tried conclusions with the custodian, and at the second attempt J. Ivall endeavoured to bring about his downfall, but without avail, visitors goalie being applauded for two brilliant clearances.

Staines retaliated, but Tilly ran out and frustrated the efforts of the visitors forwards. On another occasion Wilkins missed the ball, which glided outside the post. A corner was awarded to Slough and this being nicely taken by Young, J. Ivall guided the leather into the net, making the score 2-0 in the homesters favour.

Good play on the Staines left-wing was ended by the inside man is saying a shot at goal, which was unsuccessful. At the other end J. Ivall and Andrews both missed centres from Denton. Another misfortune befell Staines at this point, there right back handling within the penalty area. J. Ivall again took the freekick and brought the score up to 3-0, though it was a very near thing, the ball striking the underneath of the crossbar and bouncing into the net.

With the exception of an occasional visit by Staines, Slough were now having nearly all the play, and from a pass by Denton, Andrews registered a fourth goal. Thus at half-time they led by four goals to nil.

Shortly after the commencement of the second half Denton was responsible for a capital shot which run along the crossbar and came into play again. The Staines goal also had a narrow escape from a corner.

Then R. J. Ivall, who had been making every effort to score, tried to run through, but at the last moment his namesake took the leather and shot into the net, though he was given offside as he undoubtedly was.

Keeping up the attack, Prior rushed through a goal from a pass by Denton. Soon after the leather was restarted West put in a fine shot, which the goalkeeper saved, but when the globe came back Andrews put it safely between the sticks, making the record 6-0.

A little later Young was almost successful; he brought the sphere well up and shot the ball hitting the horizontal stick and bouncing over. Shortly before the close there was an exciting time in front of the Staines goals; all the Slough forwards were well up, but although they all had a try in turn, neither of them could direct the leather into the net.

The close game came with Slough still leading six goals to nil.

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