Slough Edge Past Windsor In Charity Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Poole (7), F. Roberts (35), Corbett (45)
Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Stagg (48), F. H. Smith (3-2 pen)
Oxford Hosp. Cup Unknown
These local rivals were drawn together in the Oxford Hospital Charity cup, and the game was played at the Dolphin on Saturday. Slough being fortunate in the choice of grounds.

The teams had met twice previously this season Slough on their own ground, beating the royalists after a stiff fight in the English cup competition earlier in the season, whilst Windsor practically won the Suburban league contest which was played on the borough ground.

Consequently the meeting on Saturday was full of interest, and many people came to see it, Windsor bringing over a lot of supporters. The weather and turf were alike in good condition, and favoured a keen struggle.

Windsor won the toss, and the homesters started the leather down the field. Slough were the first to attack and gained an early corner, which was got away.

Seven minutes from the start Corbett put in some pretty play, and when pressed sent out to Prior. The latter was beaten but Poole took the backs clearance and ran through and scored a fine goal, the leather passing into the corner of the net. Bennett evidently thought the ball was going wide for he made little attempt to save.

Slough continue to have the best of the play and Bennett had to save a swift shot from R. J. Ivall. From the past Prior, Corbett shot, but the ball hit the bar and rolled out. Then Windsor ran up, but West beat F. H. Smith and play was transferred to the opposite end, where a corner was awarded.

This was nicely judged, and Holtum saved a splendid shot right in goal. Smith was responsible for a good run on the right wing and Cox put in a capital shot, which Tilly saved with several players on him. Another shot from the Windsor left was saved by Young.

Slough went down and from a centre by Denton, Roberts put in a clinker, which hit the crossbar, but C. O. Ivall made a poor attempt with the rebound. After Stagg tried a long shot, Prior cantered down the Slough right, and from his pass Corbett put in one of his lightning shots which Bennett saved in smart fashion.

Two corners followed, but Skinner sent them out of danger. The Slough forwards were playing an excellent game and gave a fine exhibition, although they could not score. Twice Bennett had to save, the second time being a grand shot from R. J. Ivall.

Windsor got away on the left where Stagg was fouled, the freekick being sent behind. It was 35 minutes before Slough obtained a second point, and then, following some clever footwork in front of goal, Robert secured a brilliant pass from Denton, and headed past Bennett.

Windsor tried hard to get a point, and Tilly had some difficulty in clearing a shot with two men on him. Shortly after Fountain got in a swift shot which was negated. Smith on the right wing was not given enough to do.

Just on half time Slough forwards came down in a line and Bennett ran out to save. Corbett, however, caught the rebound and with a magnificent overhead shot sent the leather into the net. There was not even time to start the ball again, and at half-time the score stood Slough three, Windsor and Eton nil.

Three minutes after the restart F. H. Smith made in a splendid run on the right, and then centring grandly Stagg, who was writing goal, had no difficulty in making the score 3-1.

Shortly after, Windsor gained a corner, which was sent away. Roberts was responsible for a speedy sprint, and beating the back, he centred. Corbett was in waiting, and although bustled, got in a shot which Bennett stopped and fisted away.

Windsor were playing much better, and another corner fell to their lot, but proved futile. The game was now more interesting, especially when Young missed the ball close in goal, and in his anxiety to clear needlessly fouled Perry. The result was a penalty, which F. H. Smith easily converted into a goal, thus making the record 3-2.

There was an exciting moment when Corbetts got through, but Holtum checked his course and sent the ball out of danger. For a time Windsor went very well, and F. H. Smith was responsible for some capital work. Roberts enabled Prior to romp away, and Corbett essay the shot which went just outside the post.

At the other end Tilly had to clear a shot which came from the right wing. The game continued very fast, but Slough had awakened from their lethargy, and once or twice the Windsor goal was in danger. C. Poole put in a fine lengthy shot which Bennett turned over the bar, and the corner proved abortive.

A freekick transferred play into Slough territory where Roberts cleared. Holtum tried a long shot, but his marksmanship was bad. In the closing stages Slough made a big effort to add another goal, but the Windsor defence proved triumphant, and the game thus ended in a win for the homesters by three goals to 2.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

G. E. Bennett, L. Cort Starie, F. Holtum, G. Cox, H. T. Smith, E. Skinner, F. H. Smith, S. Perry, Fountain, A. G. Stagg, C. Venner.


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