Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Bignell (1-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Ivall (1-1)
League Unknown
The great Western Suburban league match between Windsor and Eton and Slough, which was stopped a few minutes to time a short while back, when the locals were leading by goal, was replayed on Boxing Day, and the recreation ground, when over 2000 spectators assembled to witness the encounter.

The crowd was, in fact, the biggest seen on the ground this season. Both clubs had good sides out, but Slough were without their two cracks, B. O. Corbett and F. B. Roberts.

The weather was fine, the air was crisp, and there was scarcely any wind, whilst the turf was in splendid order.

Slough won the toss, and elected to kicked towards the St Marks goal during the initial half. Bignell made a mess of the kick-off, and after two false starts, the referee awarded a freekick to Slough, who immediately got down, and a corner kick followed. This was cleared, and Cort Starie having cleverly intercepted the Slough forwards, Windsor got up on the right and Venner centred nicely, but the ball went over the net.

Stagg also sent by with a good shot. Rev. F. H. Smith was prominent after this, and greatly pleased the crowd with his smart work. Windsor gained a corner, and Smith put in a fine centre, but the ball was cleared. Smith again placed the ball nicely, and Venner shot by.

The locals continued to press, but Smith shot by. Then Slough had a turn, Windsor again got up, and Stagg had an open goal, but in trying to shoot just under the bar he sent the ball skimming over, much to the chagrin of the home supporters. This was, as a spectator remarked, a golden opportunity lost.

Following this Slough went down, but by only resulted. Windsor then came away, and Smith put in a fine centre, which Tilly cleared. The custodian saved repeatedly after this; F. H. Smith did some fine work just now, but could not beat Tilly.

Slough ultimately broke away, and Bennett saved twice after this very nicely. Offside was given against Stagg when he was going well, the freekick relieving Slough, who were constantly on the defensive. Windsor gained two corners in rapid succession. Smith put into splendid kicks, and Bignell headed by.

Then came Windsor's hard earned goal. Bignell got through and shot, and Tilly saved by punching out, but the ball rebounded off Bignell into the net amid tremendous applause from the home supporters.

Windsor gained another corner after this, which Smith again placed splendidly, and Bignell shot just over the crossbar. Slough got down, but by only resulted. Stagg went away, but was knocked off the ball on the touchline. Windsor secured another corner, but Skinner sent behind.

Windsor had been playing a champion game, and some fine play by F. H. Smith greatly disconcerted Slough. One run was very smart, and his centre was ground, but the ball was cleared. H. T. Smith also had a try, but Tilly easily saved.

Half-time shortly after arrived with the score Windsor and Eton one goal, Slough nil.

It was thought from the display in the first half, that Windsor and Eton would ran out easy winners, but they went all to pieces, and were very fortunate in making a draw. Directly after the restart Windsor went away, but F. H. Smith was given offside.

Shortly after Smith was going away again, that the visitors right wing kicked by, and the resultant corner was cleared. Then Slough attacked strongly, and game two corners which was splendidly placed, and the visitors looked certain to score, but all danger seemed past, when the shot came from some 40 yards out, and Bennett saved magnificently.

Windsor eventually worked the ball down, and Venner shot in, to Slough man intercepted his shot and a corner followed, Skinner sent by.

After Slough had had a freekick for hands, then got clean away, but was knocked off the ball, and a corner only resulted. This Skinner took and sent behind for the third time.

Then Slough went away and Bennett ran out of his goal to save, and a corner came, but although the ball was well placed, Windsor cleared. Slough gained another corner kick, and the ball was well centred, but Bennett saved splendidly at the expense of a further corner. This shot was cleared, and Windsor went away, but Tilly saved finally.

Slough got up once more, to by only resulted. A foul against Slough gave the locals no material advantage, and Slough then had hard lines in not scoring, a ball hitting the uprights, and bouncing into play. Many thought that the leather went inside the net, but the referee thought otherwise, and the leather was cleared.

Cort Starie then let in the Slough left-wing, but the ball went by. F. H. Smith got down, and looked like scoring, that only a corner resulted. The ball was ultimately got away.

Then Slough pressed and Cort Starie missing, Ivall beat Bennett from close quarters, thus equalising amid cheers. Slough thoroughly deserved this goal, as they were now having all the play, the local seeming to be suffering from Christmas cheer.

Anyway the visitors were certainly having much the best of matters. Skinner conceded them a corner, but the ball was cleared, and some exciting play followed. A freekick against Windsor for offside was the next incident, but nothing came of it.

Offside against Slough followed, but a little even play now ruled. Then Bennett gave a corner, and the goal looked certain, but the Windsor custodian saved very finely.

A foul against Slough followed, and F. H. Smith got down, but was bustled as he was about to shoot and the ball went by. Slough went away and a corner followed, but Bennett cleared. Another corner fell to the visitors, but the leather was luckily got away.

Slough continue to have the best of the game, and 2 Corners Came Their Way, but neither was of any advantage to them. A foul against Skinner with the next event, that Slough could not beat Bennett again. Give-and-take play followed, but Slough eventually got the upper hand, and it was a relief to both Windsor spectators and players when the whistle sounded with the score Windsor and Eton one goal, Slough one goal.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

G. E. Bennett, L. Cort Starie, F. Holtum, E. Skinner, H. T. Smith, Rogers, Rev. F. H. Smith, W. Fountain, H. Bignell, A. H. Stagg, W. Venner.


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