Norfolkians Register Big Win At Slough

Slough Town

Slough Town

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Wheeler (0-1, 0-2, 0-4), Goom (0-3)
League Unknown
Maidenhead Norfolkians weather visitors to the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon, and no doubt would have proved a great attraction had the elements been more satisfactory.

As it was, however, there was but a limited attendance, rain falling nearly the whole time the game was in progress, rendering the turf very greasy, whilst a strong breeze blew across the field.

Slough defended the Uxbridge Road end goal with the wind slyly against them, and at the start the visitors were seen to better advantage. Then A. W. Roberts got through for Slough and gave his brother a fine pass, but the opportunity was not accepted.

After about 20 minutes play J. Harrington and Ivall collided, with the results that the former had the misfortune to put his knee out (an old trouble), and had to be carried off the field. His place at back was taken by Goom, who dropped back from the forward line, though a man short the Norfolkians quite held their own.

F. B. Roberts was very energetic for the homesters, and was, in fact, the most conspicuous man on his side. Once Wiggins came up the visitors right, and centring well, Gyngell banged in a shot which caused Tilly some trouble. The leather was returned and West cleared at a critical moment.

At the opposite en Quigley worked his way through and shot, but Cromack turned the leather round the post in the corner proved of no avail. The visitors were the first to open the scoring as the result of some clever forward work. Wiggins put in a well judged centre, which Wheeler met and sent past Tilly

Slough made an effort to equalise but failed owing to weakness in front of goal. The Norfolk's retaliated but Tilly checked the onslaught, and no further scoring occurred before half-time.

On restarting F. B. Roberts and Quigley were to the fore, whilst Prior had a splendid shot at goal, but it might have been more effective had he given the other forwards, who were in a favourable position, an opportunity.

The Berks men seem to adapt themselves to circumstances more than their opponents, and were always quicker on the ball. The second goal came through the agency of Gyngell and Wheeler. The former cantered away down the left, whilst the latter made straight for the goal. He arrived in time to receive the pass, and transferred the leather inside the net.

Further corner fell to Slough, and then F. B. Roberts looked like a cert for goal. Beating the backs, he got within measurable distance of the uprights, but before he could shoot Cromack ran out and frustrated his efforts.

West also tried a lengthy shot which skimmed the crossbar. Goom obtained a third golf Maidenhead as the result of a freekick, and after Tilly had saved several hot shots, Wheeler beat him fourth time, and Slough retired defeated by four goals to nil. Maidenhead were always the better team and fully deserved their victory.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

Cromack, J. Harrington, Swain, Heath, H. Harrington, Slough, Wiggins, Goom, Moore, Wheeler, Gyngell.


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