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Salisbury (H)
Tue Oct 3

Match day

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Salisbury (H)
Tue Oct 3 19:45
The Vanarama National League South

Slough Beat Windsor In High Scoring Clash

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Slough Town
Gilliat (5, 2-1, 55, 7-1, 8-1), Nash (3-1), Piner (4-1), Edwardes (6-1)
8 - 3
Windsor & Eton
Haydock (1-1, 8-2, 8-3)
Considerable interest was manifested in the meeting of Windsor and Eton and Slough in the Southern Alliance Competition at the Dolphin ground, last Saturday, consequently a large number of spectators were present to witness what turned out to be a fast and exciting game.

Both sides made strenuous efforts to place strong team in the field, and when the players took their respective positions, it was seen that efforts had not been made in vain. The wearers of the red and green stripes had materially strengthened their attacking division as compared with the previous Saturday, Carlton, Worgan and Haydock taking their places in the eleven, while Slough were also strongly represented, their team including that splendid forward, W. E. Gilliat.

Windsor and Eton were successful in the spin of the coin, and Gilliat commenced operations shortly after three o' clock. No time was cut to waste by either side, and very soon after the start both goal keepers were in turn called upon to save, which feat they accomplished.

The left wing of the home team now made tracks for their opponents goal and, from a centre by Palmer, Gilliat drew first blood for Slough, barely five minutes from the kick off.

Even play then characterised the game for a short time, after which the visitors premed and Haydock tried a shot, but although Syrett stopped the ball he failed to get it away, and Haydock making a second attempt scored by means of a good shot.

The next item of importance was some good play on the part of Nash and Gilliat after a shot by the latter had struck the post, he put in another which this time had the desired effect.

This lead was soon augmented by another goal from the foot of Nash after a capital run, and Piner quickly whipped in with a fourth.

The teams then crossed over, the home eleven leading by 4 goals to 1.

Re-commencing Slough at once attacked by the aid of Gilliat who made several really grand runs, and about ten minutes after change of ends the old Carthusian added a fifth goal for his side.

Some give-and-take than took place, but Slough again pressed and Davenport conceded a corner kick, which, being well taken, was converted into a goal by Edwards.

Shortly afterwards Gilliat scored two more goals for the home club, all attempts at stopping him seeming to be quite out of the question. With only a few minutes left for play and with the score at 8 to 1 against the visitors, things looked very bleak indeed, but at last fortune smiled on the Windsor men and Haydock notched two points in rapid succession, and when the referee's whistle denoted time Slough had gained the verdict by 8 goals to 3.

The actual score does not at all show the true state of the game, which was of an even description, the large difference in the number of points in favour of Slough being wholly and mainly due to the the really magnificent play and excellent goal getting abilities of Gilliat, who has probably never played a better game.

His dribbling was real treat to witness and the way he got through a long string of his opponents time after time was simply marvelous and will not soon be forgotten by those who witnessed the match.

The remainder of the winning team also played well to a man, while for Windsor and Eton, Haydock, Worgan, Carlton, Davenport and Casbourn were seen to greatest advantage.

The return match will be looked forward to with great interest by the partisans of both clubs.

Windsor & Eton Line up

S. Dale, H. C. F. Davenport, E. J. Tilbury, G. E. Payne, F. Casbourn and H. Hill, J. Haydock, A. Worgan, C. Barker, F. W. Baker, F. W. Carlton


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