Slough Best Abingdon In County Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Poole (40), Denton (82)
Abingdon Town

Abingdon Town

Scarrott (80)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
Having the choice of ground, Slough met Abingdon at the Dolphin in the first round of the Berks and Bucks senior cup on Saturday afternoon stop there was a fair gate, but not nearly so large as formally turned up at cup ties, though the weather was in every way favourable.

Abingdon open the game, but their stay in the visitors quarters was not of long duration. Slough then went down and gained a corner, which was badly placed. Five minutes from the start Challenor and Poole came into collision, and the former had to retire.

Cox forced another corner for Slough, but this was placed behind the net. After a sharp run up by Abingdon, the home forwards came down and Poole put in a shot which the goalkeeper saved at the expense of a corner, but this proved futile.

Scarrott got in a good opening on the Abingdon right, though he spoilt his chance by shooting across the mouth of the goal when close in. For a few minutes Abingdon kept the homesters in their own quarters, and then Denton ran down and forced a corner which was badly placed. H. A. Payne best Smith in a tussle and banged in a fine centre, but Lay and Lodge who were well up allowed the pass to go begging, A. B. Payne shot outside, a very feeble effort.

Slough pressed for a time, but the shooting was weak. Once Poole took the ball from Denton and shot over, whilst Ivall put in a hard drive just at the side of the upright. Slough still kept up the pressure in the centre by Cox, but Denton and Simmons did not make the most of their chances in the goalkeeper placed the leather out of danger.

A fast run up on the Abingdon left resulted in the first corner and from this Werrell had to stop a hotshot. At the opposite end a corner proved abortive.

Five minutes from the interval Slough opened the scoring. Wright centred and Cox passed the globe onto Poole, who succeeded in beating the custodian. At half time Slough led by one goal to nil.

On resuming, Slough gained a couple of corners, and although well placed neither of them brought any result. Then H. A. Payne broke away going half the length of the field, but his final shot went wide.

Simmons was applauded for a fine shot which the goalkeeper saved at the expense of a corner. Second corner followed and again the custodian dealt with a shot from Simmons. For some 10 minutes the homesters fairly penned Abingdon in, but the goalkeeper defended his charge excellently

Once in a rush Poole banged the leather into the net, but simultaneously the whistle sounded for offside. Twice Abingdon forwards broke away, but the shooting was anything but brilliant. Two more corners fell to the lot of Slough, who was pressing continually, but the Abingdon defence was very good, the goalkeeper being loudly applauded for a grand saved from Denton.

Another pair of corners was Slough share, but they could not score. From the second of these the citadel had a narrow escape, the ball gliding over the goalkeeper's head. There was a confident appeal for goal, the referee did not accede to the request.

10 minutes from the finish a breakaway on the part of Abingdon was rewarded, for the Slough backs holding the attack to cheaply, Scarrott scored with a good shot thus equalising.

They were not destined to cry equal very long for two minutes later after a tussle in front of the Abingdon goal the ball was forced through the goal, Denton giving it the final kick.

The end came shortly after, leaving Slough victors of a poor game by two goals to one.

Abingdon Town Lineup

G. Bradfield, O. Barrett, W. B. Challoner, W Hemmings, M. W. Weaving, H. Winship, F. Scarrott, H. A. Payne, C. Lodge, W. F. Lay, A. B. Payne.


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