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Banbury United Women (A)
Sun Sep 24

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Banbury United Women (A)
Sun Sep 24 14:00
Thames Valley Counties Women's Football League

Honours even between Slough and Spurs

| League
Slough Town
Piner, Palmer (2)
3 - 3
Tottenham Hotspur
H. Lovis, Bell (2)
G. Palmer
Another fixture of the Southern Alliance was that between Slough and Tottenham Hotspur, which took place at the Dolphin Ground, Slough last Saturday.

Neither side played their strongest team in the field, W. E. Gilliat being a noticeable absentee from the ranks of the home team, he doing duty for the Old Carthusians in their London Charity Cup Tie v. Millwall Athletic.

At half-time the score read 1 goal all. Slough then put on two more goals and looked winners all over, but Tottenham whipped in quickly with and booked winners in quickly with an equal number and when time was led a well-centered game ended in a draw of three goals each.

Tottenham Hotspur Line up

C. V. Monk, J. C. Jull, R. Moody, J. Lovis, H. D. Casey, G. R. Baldock, J. D. Sykes, "A. C. Bell", S. Lovis, H. Ellis, H. Lovis.


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