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Hemel Hempstead Town (H)
Wed Apr 17

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Hemel Hempstead Town (H)
Wed Apr 17 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Slough Town

Slough Town

Wilmot (53)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Wheeler (49)
FA Cup Unknown
These teams met at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon in the first round of the English cup. The meeting of these near and dear rivals attracted considerable attention, quite a large following of the Norfolkians coming up from Maidenhead.

Norfolkians won the toss, and Slough kicked off towards the lower end goal. The visitors started with 10 men, Hunter being late in arriving. There was nothing of note in the first 10 minutes, Gyngell getting in one shot for the Norfolk's, and Jones for Slough.

Then it conceded a corner when pressed, and this was nicely dropped in, Fountain heading over the bar. Maidenhead pressed and Goom essayed a splendid shot, which went whizzing by the side of the upright. Just after, Dennett cleared well during pressure. Fine run down by Jones took play into the visitors territory, the attempt to being finished with a fine cross shot which rolled outside, none of the other forwards being up to save it.

The Norfolk's had slightly the best of the exchanges, and Dennett and Wilmot both gave corners. From the second of these the ball was returned by Swain, and Dennett, in trying to clear, nearly put through his own goal, Werrell being a little fortunate in saving the situation, and the ball was transferred to less dangerous quarters.

From a foul Wilmot placed the leather right in the goal, but Adams was on the alert and cleared. Good play on the Slough right wing ended in Jones shooting wide.

A few minutes later, Jones put in a lovely centre which Ivall and Simmons failed to reach, and the ball rolled across the goals mouth. Slough continue to have the best of matters for a time, and Ivall lost a chance of shooting. Jones was again applauded for his fine work, beating Swain twice in succession. Then Stagg put in a fine centre. Ivall jumped over the ball, which went out to Jones, but being unprepared his shot went wide.

The ball travelled up and down in true cup tie fashion Slough getting the best of the exchanges, but at half-time the score sheet was a blank.

On restarting the Norfolk's went down and Fountain Mr good pass. Again the forwards came and Dennett missing, Goom took the ball through and shot. Werrell stop the shot, before he could get to the leather again Wheeler popped it into the net four minutes from the start.

This success was naturally hailed with delight on the part of the numerous Norfolkians supporters, who in the first half had been rather quiet the Norfolk's continued to press and Gyngell tried a good shot which went into the side of the net, and just after Goom shot over.

The Norfolk's were not allowed to hold the lead long, freight minutes later Wilmot scored from a freekick for a foul. It was a lovely shot, which went straight for goal, though the goalkeeper ought to have saved it, as he was tall enough to have got at it easily, but he allowed it to go over his hands and into the net. A tremendous shout hailed his failure, and this seemed to put additional life into the game.

Slough forwards came up again, and Jones getting through looked like scoring, but the custodian robbed him when he was close in. A moment later Simmons put in a hotshot which Adams turned round the post for a corner, and this was got away.

Slough at this point were playing a great game, and Jones missed lovely chance from a beautiful centre by Stagg. However, he endeavoured to make amends for his mistake just after and banged in a brilliant shot which went over the top of the bar by inches only. It was as fine shot as was seen during the afternoon, and even the opponents joined in the round of applause which followed.

Then the Norfolk's went down, and Swain almost repeated Wilmot's performance from a freekick. He put in a ripping shots which Werrell saved right in the top corner of the bar by turning it outside. The consequent corner was taken badly, and Slough again led the attack, the goalkeeper once making a very weak return when pressed

12 minutes from the finish Gyngell came into collision with Dennett, and was momentarily disabled. Goom Mr good chance when close in, and Werrell bought off a capital save.

Both sides were now working very hard for supremacy, and matters looked very dangerous for Slough when Wheeler got through with but the goalkeeper to beat. Werrell, however, came out and saved splendidly, and a little later the goalkeeper again saved a hotshot from Wheeler at the expense of a corner which was got away.

The visitors were playing very hard, and one hot shot struck the upright and rolled outside. In the last two minutes each side attacked strongly, no further scoring took place, and the game ended in a draw of one goal each.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

H. Adams, A. Adaway, W. Swain, W. Heath, G. Hancock, F. Hunter, F. Fountain, A. Goom, C. Drummond, T. Wheeler, A. Gyngell.


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