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Hemel Hempstead Town (H)
Wed Apr 17

Match day

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Hemel Hempstead Town (H)
Wed Apr 17 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Slough Best Wolverton



Unknown (30)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Gilliat (15, 2-1, 3-1)
Berks & Bucks Attendance: 1000 Walter Gilliatt
These clubs met on the well-known Maidenhead ground before over 1000 spectators on Saturday last to decide which of the twain should do battle against Maidenhead in the final tie.

After defeating Marlow on their own ground in the same competition and on the previous Saturday beating Grantham Rovers for the Kettering Cup it was pretty confidently anticipated that the railway men would be more than prove a match for our neighbours of Slough, but as matters turned out, yet another surprise in the seasons Berks and Bucks competition was in store for us. Both clubs were well represented, Gilliat taking his place in the Slough team which also included in its ranks F.W. Carlton of the Windsor and Eton club.

Slough were successful in the spin of the coin and Wolverton commenced operations at 2:35. After a spell of even play, Gilliat scored the first goal of the match for Slough about a quarter of an hour from the commencement but Wolverton equalised matters 15 minutes later.

During the remainder of the first portion of the game although both goals were in turn threatened, no further points were registered by either team and the contestants crossed over with the score standing Slough one goal Wolverton one goal.

From the restart Slough at once attacked and Gilliat all but scored. Wolverton then had a splendid opening, but missed it and only a bye resulted.

Shortly after this Gilliat was again to the front and placed Slough in a leading position by means of a very smart goal.

Almost directly afterwards the same player looked like doing the trick yet again two good shots only just missing their intended destination.

Wolverton then had a great chance of placing matters on a level footing, but fortune did not smile on them and their effort proved futile. Both goals were now visited in turn after which Gilliat secured the ball and passed to Carlton, who returned it, and Gilliat put on a third goal for his side, a claim for offside being disallowed.

Very little time was now a left for play and although Wolverton played up hard to retrieve their losses, they were unable to do so and time being called, the game ended in favour of the Berks and Bucks Junior Cup holders, the final score being Slough three goals Wolverton one goal.

The game was by no means a grand one, Wolverton's display being extremely disappointing, different indeed from that when they ousted Marlow, and their poor form is unaccountable.

The winners played a fairly good game but as usual it is chiefly to Gilliat that they owe their victory. Carlton also played a very good game. Palmer, Nash, Crocker and Fisher also rendering efficient service.

It is needless to state that the unexpected victory caused great rejoicing in Slough and the winners have an excellent chance of establishing a record in the counties by securing the junior and senior cups in successive seasons.

Wolverton Lineup

W. Anderson, S. Coles (c), H. Kirby, C. Lawless, W. H. Williams, F. Woodcock, D. Mahoney, J. Foster, J. Luter, W. Poole, W. Sharpe.


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