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Sat Apr 20

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Sat Apr 20 15:00
The Vanarama National League South

Wolverton Progress To Final



Gosson (30), Laweless (32), Luter (44), Poole (52), Foster (5-1), Sharpe (80)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Palmer (5)
League J. Syrett
For the third time in connection with the above competition, these teams met on Saturday to decide which of the two should oppose Maidenhead in the final tie. The first meeting took place at Maidenhead when Slough proved victorious, but owing to the latter team including an unqualified player in their eleven, the match was ordered to be replayed. The second encounter took place at Windsor when the game resulted in a draw of three goals all. The teams were ordered to meet again on Saturday last at Bletchley, a village about six or even miles from Wolverton.

Unfortunately for Slough, there were minus the services of W. E. Gilliat, who was unable to assist owing to an injured knee, and Carson who was unable to make the long journey. Their places in the team were filled by J. G. Veitch and F. Spong, while Syrett took Crocker's position between the uprights. Wolverton put exactly the same eleven in the field as did duty for them at Windsor on the previous Saturday.

The weather was beautifully fine and a large number of spectators witnessed the game, nearly all of whom hailed from Wolverton, no less than four special trains being run from that town. They commenced at 3.30, and when the game was only five minutes old, Palmer scored a splendid goal for Slough from a centre by Nash.

Encourage by this early success, Slough kept up a strong pressure for a time and Anderson was several times called upon to save. Wolverton then transferred and severely tried the Slough defence, gaining four corners in rapid succession, after which Veitch relieved.

Wolverton however, returned to the attack and after about thirty minutes play, Common equalised matters by means of a good shot. Very shortly afterwards, Lawless put on a second point for the railway men who thus took the lead. Palmer and Piner were both going lame, and things in general did not look very promising for the Slough team.

Nash and Veitch, however, took the ball to the opposite end, but it was quickly returned and Luter put in a third goal for Wolverton just previous to half-time.

On the ball being restarted, Palmer's ankle gave way completely, and he had to be assisted off the field and Slough unfortunately had to finish the game with ten men only.

As was to be expected, the second portion went all in favour of the Wolverton team and seven minutes after change, Poole put on a fourth item for the leaders. Syrett then made two grand saves, and shortly afterwards, in effecting a third, was badly winded, this causing the game to be stopped for a couple of minutes.

Wolverton kept up a determined attack, and Foster was instrumental in notching a fifth goal for them. Veitch at times broke away, but he was too closely watched by Williams and Kirby to become dangerous. About ten minutes from time, Wolverton added a sixth goal by the aid of Sharpe.

During the remainder of the time left for play, Wolverton twice placed the ball between the Slough uprights, but on both occasions with score was disallowed owing to the off-side rule being infringed.

The display of Wolverton was considerably in advance of the two previous encounters, the combination of the forward division being splendid, Gosson showing first rate form in the centre. The halves also played well, Williams being the pick, and Coles and Kirby both did well at back.

For Slough, Syrett played exceedingly well in goal, and saved any amount of shots. Their back division was taxed to the utmost and they were kept hard at work nearly all the game. Hunt was perhaps the pick of the halves. Veitch and Nash were the best of the forwards, although Palmer played a grand game until his ankle began to give way.

Wolverton Lineup

W. Anderson, S. Coles, H. Kirby, C. Lawless, W. H. Williams, F. Woodcock, W. Poole, E. Luter, T. Gosson, G. Foster, W. Sharpe.


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