Two Goal Win For Slough

Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Slough Town

Slough Town

Summersby (0-1, 0-2)
League Unknown
Only a moderate number of spectators assembled at the Recreation Ground on Saturday last, to witness the match between Windsor and Eton and Slough for the Southern Alliance Competition.

The weather was far more favourable to cricket than football, and this, combined with the lateness of the season, accounted in a great measure for the utter absence of "go" in connection with the match, which was, from beginning to end, of an uninteresting description.

During the first half of the game Slough scored once, by the aid of Summersby, after some good passing on the right wings.

Windsor and Eton then pressed severely but were unable to score, several splendid opportunities being missed. Half-time was then called, the score standing: Slough one goal ; Windsor and Eton nil.

After change the play was again very tame, and the only definite point scored by either side was one in favour of Slough, Summersby again doing the needful.

The visitors thus gained the victory by two goals to nil.

For Windsor and Eton, Lewis played a good game but lacked the necessary support. Moody and McCloskie also did very well.

For Slough, Palmer and Fisher rendered good service. The minor points scored during the game were : 1st half—Windsor and Eton, 6 corners, 10 byes ; Slough, 3 byes. 2nd half—Windsor and Eton, 6 byes ; Slough, 2 corners, 10 byes.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

A. Bradley, O. McCloskie, P. Wellman, C. Thompson, H. Moody, F. Pert, C. Barker, H. A. Lewis, J. Emony, A. Woodward, F. Butler


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