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Fri Jul 5

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The Vanarama National League South

Chesham Beat Slough In County Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Palmer (47)
Chesham United

Chesham United

Holliman (0-1, 1-2)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
There was a good gate at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday afternoon, when Slough met Chesham in the first round of the Berks & Bucks Senior Cup.

The weather was no so wintry as that which we have since experienced, Old Sol smiling upon both players and spectators alike.

As the colours of the visitors were similar to those of Slough, the latter played in white. Chesham, who came with a good reputation, won the toss, and elected to kick uphill.

After a few exchanges the visitors shot for the Slough goal, but Crocker saved and the ball was being taken into midfield when Fisher was hurt, but fortunately his injuries were not serious, for play had only been suspended for a few moments when he returned to his position amidst the plaudits of the onlookers.

The misfortunes of Slough, however, were not at an end, for they only had time to take the ball into the enemy's quarters when one of their forwards, G. E. Payne, twisted his knee and had to be carried off the field.

Notwithstanding these disadvantages, the homesters played up pluckily. A pass by Palmer gave A. E. Payne an opening which he spoilt by erratic shooting.

Crocker saved a good shot and it was returned and went over the posts, but about a quarter of an hour after the start, Holliman, of Chesham, who was palpably offside, put the ball past Crocker, and as Norris, one of the home backs had played it, the point was allowed.

A fruitless corner to Slough was followed by one to Chesham, and then Palmer attempted to score, but the ball went over the uprights.

"Hands" having been awarded to Slough, in close proximity to the Chesham citadel, the visitors got "the sphere" away smartly, but it was returned, and a corner, which was succeeded by a second, resulted. Slough had the ball close to the visitors goal when the whistle sounded half time.

Two minutes had not elapsed after the interval when Palmer equalised for Slough amidst boundless enthusiasm. Stone, of the Chesham team, next shot for the Slough goal, and sent the ball over the top.

Slough took the leather up the field and Payne attempted to score but was prevented from doing so by the Chesham goalkeeper.

Moulder fouled de Winton close to the Chesham goal, but nothing came of the free kick.

Chesham transferred operations to the other end and tried for a goal but the ball went over the cross-bar.

Slough then pressed and de Winton got away with the leather and put in a good shot, but a bye only resulted. Chesham had now to action the defensive by kicking out, but subsequently they took the ball down the field and procured another point from the foot of Holliman apparently through a misunderstanding between the Slough backs.

Palmer having been fouled in the act of shooting, the ball went down the field and Chesham got a bye.

De Winton then got possession of it and shot for goal, the leather just grazing the uprights. After a bye to Payne, Howell, of Chesham, got away, but Carson forced him to shoot over the posts.

De Winton next broke away and Sills had to concede a corner. Mayo and Stone obtained the next corner, and Slough retaliated and Chesham had to kick into touch.

Howell then again broke away, and Crocker had to fist out.

Slough made a determined attack shortly before the finish. Palmer gained a corner, but it was unproductive, and so the game ended in a win for Chesham by two goals to one.

Chesham United Lineup

F. Sills, J. Woods, G. Payne, H. Barnes, A. Mead, E. Moulder, F. Howell, W. Holliman, F. Spratley, H. Stone, H. Mayo.


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