Marlow Knock Out Slough From Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Abrams (1-4)


C. Shaw (2, 0-3), Welch (0-2), Ayres (0-4)
FA Cup Attendance: 500 Unknown
A great many Windsor enthusiasts journeyed to Slough on Saturday to see the match between Marlow and Slough in the English Cup at the Dolphin Ground.

The gate however, was scarcely so large as might have been expected, the amount taken being a little over £12, which meant that there were about 500 spectators present.

The game was looked upon as almost a foregone conclusion for Marlow, Slough having lost the services of many of their prominent members in former years, when W. E. Gilliat was a power in the football world. The ground had been well planned out, but the Marlow hon. sec. considered that the grass was a trifle too long. The weather was pleasant, but the game cannot be considered to have been a very interesting one.

Marlow had a strong team, G. H. Cresswell turning out for the first time this season. He was partnered by A. G. F. Baines, an Oxford student, and J. H. Lovell, of Cooper's Hill College, had also donned the blue and white shirt. The Slough team was the best that could be picked from the material available. The elevens turned out at 3.15

Slough won the toss, but there was no advantage in this, the sun shining across the ground. Marlow at once pressed, and C. Shaw scored two minutes from the start from a centre by Welch. Slough had a look in and very nearly scored.

Bird then got off-side, and thus nullified a chance. A corner fell to Slough and Lumby put in a good shot, the goalkeeper luckily getting the ball away.

Marlow then penned their opponents and Welch scored a rather soft goal. The visitors continued to have the best of the game, and C. Shaw put on a third point.

The game continued to go slightly in favour of Marlow up to half-time, although no further points were added, and the game stood Marlow, 3 goals, Slough, 0.

On the re-start, the teams again went at it determinedly, but Marlow still asserted their superiority, Ayres scoring for them soon after the re-commencement. This had the effect of waking Slough up a bit, and then forwards combined well at times.

Their efforts in front of goal, however, were very weak. Poole and New both tried shots but neither scored. Marlow again pressed, and took three corners in rapid succession, but nothing came of them.

Slough tried hard to make up their lost ground, and at length succeeded.

Their forwards made a beautiful combined run and Abrams taking the ball, put in a splendid shot, which took effect, amid great cheering.

It was the best goal of the day. Slough continued to play in a plucky manner to the finish, but they could not add a single point, and the game ended in a victory for the Marlowians by four goals to one.

Neither side scarcely played up to form. Cresswell was the best of the backs, Shaw as usual showed up prominently at half, but frequently kicked too hard, Welch and C. Shaw were the best of a moderate lot of forwards. Ayres, the centre man, being almost useless throughout the game.

For Slough, Fisher, Lumby, Leach and Poole were the best, although there was not much to choose between the lot. They were rather outclassed by Marlow.

Marlow Lineup

E. Wheeler, A. G. P. Baines, G. H. Cresswell, J. H. Lovell, E. Shaw, J. G. Meakes, F. C. B. Welch, W. Davis, G. Ayres, C. A. Shaw, F. G. Jennings.


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