Windsor And Slough Play Out A Draw

Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

E. Paine (1-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Poole (1-1)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
Chief interest in this district naturally centered in the match at the Recreation Ground, where Windsor & Eton were pitted against Slough. The day was showery, and the ground, which had received the necessary attention during the week, was on the soft side.

There was not quite so large an attendance of spectators as expected, which is probably due to the fact that there were two Junior Cup ties being played on the same afternoon in Windsor, at which there was no "gate" to be paid. In addition, the prices of admission to the Recreation Ground were raised according to the new rule of the Football Association.

Followers of football clubs, who generally consist of the working classes, in small towns, cannot really afford to spend six-pence to witness a match between team whom they are accustomed to see every Saturday for half the price.

The amount taken at the gate last Saturday was nearly £8. By those who knew the composition of the two teams, a close game was expected; but as very few knew whom Slough had included in their eleven, it was generally thought that on form Windsor & Eton would prove victorious.

It was a pity that the Slough executive did not send their team to the Windsor press, especially as they had included several local men to fill up vacancies caused by one or two of their regular players being engaged in their Junior Cup tie at Ascot.

It was a pity too that Slough were compelled to fall back on men residing either in Windsor or Eton for this match, but still they cannot be blamed as their club endeavored to get an extension of time for their Junior Cup match, but failed.

Football was originally a genial past time, but so much bitterness of feeling has lately been introduced into the game by cup ties, league matches, and what not, that it is degrading many players instead of ennobling them as it should do.

On Saturday we saw a little example of this degradation and in Mondays Sportsmen, we find a description of the game opening thus: "There was a lot of rough play in this tie (Windsor & Eton vs Slough) on the Windsor Recreation Ground, and fouls were frequent." This is read throughout the country wherever football is played in fact, and thus Windsor and Eton and Slough are branded with a bad name.

The sporting paper's description, too, is largely true, although it must be said that Windsor and Eton are not much to blame in the matter. The Isle of Wight papers on Saturday all speak of the Windsor and Eton teams as having played a "fair and gentlemanly game" against Cowes, and anyone who has followed their matches this or last season will bear this statement out.

The Windsor and Eton committee set their face against rough play of any description: and we hope Slough has done the same. There is nothing more detestable to a true sportsman than foul charging and unfair tactics in latter day football. We hope we have seen the last of it at the Windsor Recreation Ground.

A long description of the match is not, under the circumstances necessary, the man for the most part being looked after more than the ball. The Windsor players were ready to start at 2.45 (the advertised time), but the Slough men seemed loth to turn out, and it was quite ten minutes past three before the game was started. The locals were not quite full strength, F. Pert and E. Benstead (from the half back line) being absent. Slough had a strong combination, W. Stacey, C. Deacon, and C. Brads, of Windsor or Eton Wick, rendering them assistance.

WIndsor won the toss but this availed little. For the first few minutes, the locals pressed, and Barker and Balchin each shot by the posts. Stacey then conceded a corner in clearing, but nothing came of it. Windsor were still dangerous, when one of the left wing (Brads or Deacon) fouled Wellman. The referee immediately pulled him up and Slough were penalised. Nothing came of the attach, however. After Slough had become dangerous, E. Paine got away, but shot over the crossbar.

Directly afterwards, Husted had to save a shot from the left wing. Hands against Slough relieved Windsor, McCloskie took the kick and put the ball into the net without it touching anyone on the way, which was rather hard luck for his side.

A second foul was given against one of the left wing pair, one of the Paines this time being unfairly charged. The referee rightly stopped the play, and a free kick was awarded, amidst the applause of all sportsmen in the crowd. Slough subsequently got away, and Husted had to save, which he did in fine style.

Windsor again attacked, and Lewis had a chance, but shot by. Directly after Fisher just cleared his goal by heading the ball out. Slough then obtained a corner, but the ball was got away.

The game continued very even up to half time, but there was a lot of unnecessary charging. Just before the interval, E. Paine obtained possession of the leather, and cleverly threading his way through several opponents, shot the ball into a corner of the goal, out of the reach of Crocker and thus drew first blood for the home team amid much enthusiasm.

It was a smart piece of play. Nothing further resulted up to half time, when Windsor and Eton were leading by a goal to nil.

On crossing over, the struggle between the two teams became fiercer, and Slough redoubled their efforts. The Windsor half backs became very weak, both Wellman and Swain being hurt. Swain had a severe blow on the head, and was rendered nearly useless, although he stayed on the ground to the finish.

Several players on both sides were knocked down and the game had to be stopped until they recovered. The exchanges were very even for the first twenty minutes. Blanchett had to save what looked like a certain goal, by kicking the ball in front of him past his own upright.

Husted also saved one or two hot shots from Slough in excellent style. Windsor then took a corner, and Balchin nearly headed through, but Crocker saved. Shortly after, Slough obtained a corner and Ridout placed the ball went into goal. It was returned and Ridout again shot in the right direction. Poole finishing the stroke by heading the ball int the net just out of the reach of Husted.

The Slough supporters, and they were pretty numerous, cheered lustily at this good fortune, and excitement levels ran high. Slough were now playing very strong, their defence being splendid. There were one or two more fouls, however, given against the left wing pair. Windsor could not make much headway against the Slough backs and halves, and the local forwards were disorganised b the lamentable state of the halves.

Nothing further was scored, however, and when the referee whistled time the game still stood one all. A conference took place between the captains of the two teams and the referee amid cries from the crowd for and against the game being continued.

Ultimately, it was decided to play for another quarter of an hour and the eleven again engaged in contest. To make a long story short, nothing came of the extra play, neither side being able to penetrate the defence offered, and thus the game was left drawn, each side having scored on goal. The replayed tie will therefore take place next Saturday at Slough.

For Windsor and Eton, Husted in goal and F. Wilson at back played a superb game. Had it not been for these two men, Slough would undoubtedly have won. Husted repelled several shots in first class style, and he is in every way a worthy successor to McGaw. Wilson has seldom been seen to greater advantage, his tackling and kicking being alike excellent. The remainder of the Windsor team cannot be said to have played up to anything like form, although the weakness of the halves had a great deal to do with the failure of their forwards, who, in addition, had a perfect defence against them.

or Slough, Fisher, Blanchett, Stacey and Ridout played a champion game. The forwards were only moderate, and the left wing pair almost entirely spoilt their efforts by fouling.

On the days play, Slough had decidedly the better of the game, Swain had to proceed to the infirmary after the match to have his head bandaged and several other Windsor players were bruised or otherwise injured.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

T. Husted, O. McCloskie (c), F. Wilson, P. Wellthan, G. Swain, F. Parker, H. E. Lewis, C. Barker, F. Balchin, C. L. Paine, E. Paine.


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