Slough Ease Past Windsor In Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Brades (1-0), Deacon (2-0), Poole (3-1)
Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

E. Paine (55)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
The replayed tie between these elevens in the Amateur Cup, was decided on Saturday at Slough. It was unfortunate that the weather was unfavourable; but notwithstanding the drenching showers which fell at mid-day, a good number of Windsor enthusiasts journeyed to the Dolphin ground to witness the encounter.

The teams were almost the same as advertised, Slough retaining the services of Stacey, Brades, and Deacon (formerly of the Windsor & Eton Victoria Club). An attempt to get E. Benstead (of Windsor) failed. The heavy rain that had fallen during the night and morning had made the ground very soft and slippery, but still it was in better condition than was expected.

A close game was anticipated, and there was a good number of onlookers present when the teams lined up just after three o clock. The amount taken at the gate was £7 18s.

Windsor and Eton won the toss, but their captain gave Slough the advantage of the wind, which, was not blowing down the ground, and there was not much in it.

Abrams set the ball in motion, Slough at once making for the Windsor citadel, and a corner very quickly resulted. The ball was got away easily, and the next incident was Ridout getting accidentally hurt with a ball kicked by E. Paine. After stopping the game for a short time, he somewhat recovered and the match proceeded.

C. L. Paine had a good run down, but after being bustled near the Slough goal, his shot went by. After Brads had put the ball over the Windsor crossbar, Barker got away with the leather and finishing up with a good shot, scored. The referee decided that he was offside when he obtained the ball and disallowed the point much to the disappointment of the Windsor onlookers.

Slough were then pulled up for a foul, but the free kick availed Windsor little, and Poole getting away shot towards Husted who threw the ball into play again.

Slough still kept up the pressure, and Husted just saved a well meant shot by falling. Windsor then came away and E. Paine got through, but could not get his final kick in.

McCloskie gave Slough a corner, but the ball was kicked behind. Brads was shortly afterwards penalised for offside, and Lewis and Barker mad ea good run, but the Slough backs returned the ball.

The Slough left wing then got away and taking advantage of an opening, Brads shot the ball past Husted amid the cheering of the local spectators.

A few minutes after this, the home forwards again attacked and Summersby was prominent. The ball was passed to Deacon, who had little difficulty in shooting the second goal for Slough.

Things certainly looked decidedly bleak for Windsor, whose half backs were playing a most wretched game, letting the Slough forwards through time after time.

Pert had put his knee out, and Wellman appeared ill at ease. However, the game continued and after a foul had been given against Slough, Windsor pressed, and should have scored, the goal having several narrow shaves.

Windsor took a corner, but Pert sent it behind. Slough again transferred operations, and Pert in kicking the ball back to Husted, very nearly scored for Slough, the leather just missing the post.

Nothing came of the corner and hands against Windsor close to the goal looked dangerous, Howse just shaving the uprights.

Windsor then woke up again, and Paine and Barker both tried to shoot, but the ball was successfully got away, and when the whistle sounded for the interval shortly after, the scores still read Slough 2 goals, Windsor and Eton none.

On the teams crossing over, the Windsor spectators cheered on their team, and in the first few minutes, Slough attacked and scored, but the referee disallowed the point on the offside plea, much to the chagrin of the home team.

On the restart Ridout again got hurt in a "bully", falling heavily onto one of his own mens knees, and the game was stopped for a short time to enable him to recover.

Windsor and Eton then began to improve a bit, their forwards infusing a little dash into their game. It was about ten minutes after the start, before E. Paine scored a really magnificent goal for Windsor. He shot it from about forty yards, across the goal into a corner of the net, and it was quite impossible for any goalkeeper to stop it. The performance evoked hearty cheering and gave the visitors a little more courage.

After a free kick for a foul, Windsor again pressed, Lewis getting through, but Blanchett kicked the ball out of play. Nothing came of the throw in, and Stacey getting away, tried a shot, but the ball went by.

E. Paine next came away and looked like scoring but Fisher got up in the nick of time and put the ball out of play. Nothing resulted from the corner.

The game continued to be very toughly contested, and some of the players were not playing too fair a game. A foul was given against Lewis, who in an excited state, tapped one of the Slough men on the top of the head. The referee did not see the occurrence but was appealed to, and he rightly allowed a free kick.

Lewis alleges that he was continually fouled all through the game by Slough men, and he became exasperated. Windsor were the next to press, and Crocker had to save a shot from E. Paine.

Shortly after, Poole shot by, and Ridout saved from an attack of the visiting forwards. The exchanges continued fast and even, but Windsor's defence was very weak, Wilson and Parker having to bear the brunt of the work. Husted ran a long way out of goal to get the ball away, ad Poole, taking advantage of his absence, put in a tricky cross-shot, and before Husted could recover himself the ball was in the net.

This undoubtedly decided the game, and Husted must certainly be blamed for running so far from the uprights. However, Windsor played up plucky, E. Paine especially distinguishing himself with some fine runs. He could never get close enough to score however.

Balchin hurt his wrist subsequently and the game was stopped for a time. The match was virtually over now, and although some exciting play was witnessed, nothing of a definite nature resulted and a tough struggle ended in favour of Slough by three goals to one.

The winners certainly played a strong game throughout, and were certainly the best team on the day's play. The Slough eleven was undoubtedly strengthened by the services of Stacey, Deacon, and Brads, who all played with energy. Crocker had very few difficult shots to stop. Fisher and Blanchett played a grand game and improve every match they take part in. They are both clever and fast. Stacey was a thorn in the Windsor forwards' sides, especially the left wing pair. Ridout was too much hurt to shine, but he did well. Howse also played strongly. The forwards were smart on the ball, but they were so well backed up that they were almost obliged to score.

The Windsor team were handicapped by the collapse of Pert and Wellman. Neither were half up to the mark, both seeming quite out of form. Parker played a plucky game, and stopped several dangerous rushes. He was certainly the best of the half back line. The backs had too much to do and considering all things, they defended well, although Wilson was the superior of McCloskie, who stated before he went on to the field that he was not feeling well. Husted was hardly at his best, and made a mistake in running so far out of his goal. Of the forwards, E. Paine was the pick, working extremely hard throughout the game. The goal he got was a beauty. The other men played hard, but were opposed to such a strong defence that their efforts were nullified, and the half backs gave them very little support. We have seldom seen Windsor and Eton play a good game against a local team, and their bad display may in some measure be due to this.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

T. Husted, O. McCloskie (c), F. Wilson, P. Wellman, F. Pert, F. Parker, H. E. Lewis, C. Barker, F. Balchin, C. L. Paine, E. Paine.


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