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Hemel Hempstead Town (H)
Wed Apr 17

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Hemel Hempstead Town (H)
Wed Apr 17 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Slough And Reading Draw Again

Slough Town

Slough Town

Nicholas (1-0)
Reading Amateurs

Reading Amateurs

Goadby (1-1)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
Despite the wretched weather there was a good attendance on the Dolphin Ground on Saturday to witness the replayed tie between Slough and Reading.

In the encounter at Reading the previous week each team scored once, and curiously enough the same state of things prevailed at Slough on Saturday. Both clubs had made one or two alterations in their teams between the two matches. On the Slough side, D. Lewin played in place of R. S. Bayley, while C. Henman and J. R. Brown were included in the Reading team, A. Bird and B. Rossiter standing out.

The game started at 2.30, and Slough had slightly the best of the exchanges during the first ten minutes. Both Crocker and Roberts shot for Slough, but were unsuccessful, while Reading pressed on several occasions with a like result. On one of these occasions Roberts put in some splendid play for Slough; he tackled with great success and cleared in fine style just when grave fears were being entertained for the safety of the home goal.

From this point play began to rule a little more equal, Reading taking up the aggressive rather more frequently than had been the case during the opening stages of the game.

After some good play on their left wing the ball was passed over to the other side of the field where it remained for some few minutes in dangerous proximity to the home goal. At
last one of the Reading men was able to shoot, but it was of no avail, Ivall saving splendidly.

After this Slough again pressed for a time and Cannon had several hot shots to save. Then Reading had the best of matters for another brief spell. The game became still more fast and both ends of the field were again visited in rapid succession. When this state of things had been going on for some little time Slough forced a corner — the first in the match.

Summersby took the free kick and placed the ball well in the mouth of the Reading goal. It was, however, of very little avail. The Reading forwards obtained possession and by tricky play had got well up the field before Warren was able to stop their little game. The result of a bit of smartness on his part was that the Slough forwards were able to retaliate by making a determined rush into their opponents territory. But it had not been ordained that they should score. Directly they were getting dangerously near the Reading citadel their rush was stopped and a few seconds after the home backs were again busy.

The next point of interest was when an appeal for "offside" was allowed against a Reading man. Just after this Ivall effected a brilliant save. After the Slough boys had again pressed, Reading once more got back and a melee resulted in front of the home goal.

The next few minutes proved a rather trying time to the supporters of the local men. Ivall saved the first shot fairly easily, but was unable to get the ball far away, the result being that in less time than it takes to describe, Reading had once more all but scored. The ball hit the crossbar and bounded back into play only a few yards in front of the home citadel. The Reading men made the most of their opportunities, and only a few seconds later, after the ball had been all the while bobbing about almost within handling distance of Ivall, it was sent over tho post amid a scene of great excitement.

From the free kick Slough got nicely away, and the result of some excellent play on the part of the home forwards was that Poole shot, from a pass by Nicholson. It was a splendid shot, and was only saved at the expense of a corner, which was, however, converted by Nicholson.

Nothing further was scored before half-time. Thus it was that Slough crossed over with one goal in their favour.

At the commencement of the second half, Crocker had two or three chances, but failed to make the best of them, which was to be excused, seeing that he is a half-back and not a forward.

The next opportunity he had, he made good use of. Having received the ball from Abrams he placed well in the mouth of goal, but unfortunately none of the other forwards were sufficiently up to take the pass, Lewin's effort to reach it resulting in the ball going behind.

After the Reading goal had had another narrow squeak, the game became more equal, and Ivall was cheered for a splendid save from Brown who had got right through the halves and backs and all but accomplished his mission.

A few minutes later Anderson dribbled down the extreme left and centred across to Henman who gave Ivall another warm shot to deal with. Encouraged by their supporters the locals retaliated, and Abrams all but beat Cannon.

A spell of midfield play followed. After a good bout of this, Reading were conceded a corner, from which everyone thought they were going to score. Had not Ivall put the ball out of play they certainly would have done. The second corner resulted in the ball being put over the bar by Collins. Shortly after this Goadby equalised, Ivall having slipped in trying to get rid of the ball.

Both teams played up hard after this to try and avoid another meeting, but so evenly were they matched that nothing else was scored.

After consulting with the players the referee decided to play extra time, and the teams were soon hard at it again; but after about five minutes' play the gathering darkness caused the play to be suspended without any further additions being made to either of the scores.

Reading Amateurs Lineup

M. Cannon, G. Witherington, L. E. Todd, B. Collins, F. Deane, C. White, H. Goadby, G. O. Anderson, L. R. Brown, C. Stanley, O. Henman.


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