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Sun Apr 2

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Sun Apr 2 14:00
Thames Valley Counties Women's Football League

An Exciting Game Ends In A Draw

| FA Cup
Slough Town
Ivall (1-1), Denton (2-1)
2 - 2
Maidenhead United
Collyer (20, 82)
The match between these teams in the second round of the English Cup, attracted a capital gate at the "Dolphin" ground on Saturday.

The ground arrangements were all that could be desired and gave the visitors every satisfaction. The weather was very suitable for the match, the "gate" realising £20 13s.

There was a good contingent from Maidenhead, who arrived by rail and road. There were quite a brigade of cyclists, including a few ladies.

Maidenhead were minus two of their best men — W. Vaughan (goal) and T. Adaway (back). The vacant places were filled by A. Simmonds (Reserves) and E. M. Pike, and both played well, Pike particularly so.

Collyer, at his own request, played outside right instead of outside or inside left, and he and the team found the change beneficial.

Slough had their usual team, a young but athletic-looking eleven. Their record up to date was 33 goals for and 5 against, having lost only their opening match with Southall by one goal.

Slough won the toss and kicked towards Langley. From the first the game was fast, the ball being taken up and down the line, both teams having an equal share of the play.

It was noticeable, however, that there was little combination on either side, but the little was exhibited by the visitors. Gatward dribbled down and was getting dangerous when he was tackled by Pike and dispossessed.

The danger was not altogether averted, however, as both Poole and Jackson tried to land a goal. Afterwards Gomm was making tracks, but offside neutralised his efforts.

Collyer, Maidenhead's speedy outside right, was now conspicuous for some pretty work, getting through the backs and taking the ball well up to the goal when Stribling captured him.

The ball was then taken down by the home right wing, and Gatward sent in a shot causing the visiting custodian to punch out. The Maidenhead outside left, Beasley, was returning to the home quarters when Young tackled him splendidly, and the ball was passed to Poole and Gatward, who took it back, but Pike gaining possession kicked the ball out — a feat which called forth shouts of derision from the home-side supporters.

Collyer spoilt a good chance by being offside. The riverside team then got exceedingly dangerous, the ball being passed to Wood at centre, but he missed his kick at the critical moment and the goal was cleared.

The visitors renewed the attack, and Stribling saved brilliantly on more than one occasion. Still pressing Slough hard, Beasley shot and Wheatley left his goal to deal with it, but missed his kick, with the result that Collyer had the ball and the goal at his mercy, but to the disgust of the Maidenhead "boys", he sent out a truly miserable shot. This was a quarter of an hour from the start.

The let-off seemed to wake the home side up, and play again became even, both sides putting in good work. The Slough quintet rushed down the field and Gatward nearly scored, Henry coming in at the nick of time.

Wheatley was then called upon to save a shot from Godfrey. A corner was conceded the visitors, but it was abortive, the homesters getting the ball and quickly taking it out of danger.

Ivall then ran through the backs, but the visiting halves were too fast for him, and the ball was taken away.

Wood passed over to Collyer, who ran through and found the net for Maidenhead just twenty minutes from the kick off.

On restarting the visitors again pressed, and Wheatley had to save a shot. Wood was then conspicuous for a magnificent high long shot, which Wheatley just managed to put over the bar. From the corner kick Slough got away, and Ivall bad a splendid chance to score, but be sent in a very soft shot, which Simmons had no difficulty in negotiating.

A foul well in the visitors' territory gave Slough a further opportunity to draw level. Werrell took the kick and went it finely into goal, but it was thrown out, and Jackson obtained possession, but his attempt to convert was poor.

Poole was conspicuous for a good run, and then Collyer ran up and passed to the visitors' centre, who kicked wildly and sent out.

Denton was just now conspicuous, but he was too selfish, and frequently missed good chances.

Give and take play continued, and then, from a centre by Jackson, Ivall sent in a "clinker" which beat the visitors' custodian and made the scores level.

On restarting the home side went off with a rush. Denton made a good run and was getting dangerous, when Pike relieved him of the ball. The home side pressed hardly, and the visiting backs had all their work cut out to hold their opponents at bay. A scramble ensued in front of the visitors citadel, and Denton notched a second goal for Slough amidst considerable enthusiasm.

On the ball again being started the Slough forwards showed a glimmer of combination, but Gatward lost it, Pike being one too many for him, and the "globe" was sent into neutral territory.

A foul was given the visitors while in the home quarters but the goal was cleared. The visitors for some minutes caused considerable trouble and experienced hard luck.

Collyer dropped in a beautiful long shot, but this was disposed of. Wheatley however, was kept busy and saved grand and difficult shots from the feet of Collyer and Gomm.

The home goalkeeper put in some good work. Collyer again had an open goal. but once more he failed at the crucial moment and sent over. After seven or eight minutes' continual bombardment, in which Young, the home right half, came to the rescue of his side on two or three occasions, the home side gradually took play into the centre of the field.

Jackson and Denton both made fair tries to obtain a third goal. Beasley on the left was then about to make tracks for the Slough goal, but Young sped him beautifully. The ball hovered in mid-territory and Wood sent in a terrific shot, which, Wheatley dealt with in a masterly style.

Slough again temporarily held the upper hand and Gatward just missed scoring, whilst this was followed by Ivall having an excellent chance, but Simmonds saved at the expense of a corner, from which nothing resulted.

Collyer made a brilliant run the whole length of the field before he was pulled up by Werrell. Gatward took the ball back again and passed to Poole, but Lacey prevented him going far, and Denton gained possession and sent in a good shot which the visiting goal-keeper saved.

The game continued of a fluctuating character, but eight minutes to time Walton passed to Collyer who sent in a "beauty," against which Wheatley had no chance, and amid considerable excitement the scores were made even.

During the last few moments both sides made herculean efforts to notch the winning point, but when the referee sounded his whistle neither side could claim the advantage, and the game was therefore left drawn with the score Slough 2 goals, Maidenhead 2 goals

The Maidenhead forwards were better together than Slough, the right wing pair doing a rare lot of good work.

Maidenhead United Line up

A. Simmonds, E. Pike, M. Lacey, A. Henry, Alf Walton, W. Walton, H. Godfrey, A. Collyer, P. S. Wood, A. Gomm, S. Beasley.

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