Slough And Marlow Play To A Draw

Slough Town

Slough Town

Denton (15)


Shaw (1)
League Unknown
A fair number of spectators assembled on the Dolphin Ground on Saturday to witness the League fixture between the above old opponents.

In the first minute the Marlow centre forward got away and passing over to Shaw, the latter scored.

This early success put the home side on their mettle and Macdermott - a new recruit in the Slough ranks — dribbled down and Ivall, taking the ball, shot, but the visiting custodian was ready.

Denton also tried to find the net and Sawyer only saved at the expense of a corner. J. Ivall and his brother put in some excellent work, but the Marlow defence was very good.

Fifteen minutes from the start, a corner fell to the “Sloughites". The kick was beautifully taken and Werrell centred nicely, Denton headed the ball into the net and made the scores equal.

The spectators now encouraged the home side "to keep it up" but despite this they could not make much headway, Lomas and Shaw being very safe at back.

The visitors came close to scoring again, but Arber dallied about with the ball too long and then passed to Sellman, who shot behind.

Slough then had the best of matters up to the close of time. Denton and Wright both caused the Marlow goalkeeper "to wear a worried look". Poole put in a fine ground shot which Sawyer negotiated well and then the visitors rushed the leather down the field, but Crocker made a magnificent save and the ball was cleared.

Half-time arrived with the score unchanged.

Immediately after the interval, the Slough front rank were busy and the defence of Marlow was seriously taxed, but the danger was averted and the ball was swiftly taken to Slough territory, where a fruitless corner was conceded.

The home side, urged on by their supporters, had slightly the best of matters and J. Ivall had one or two nice chances, but for some unaccountable reason be could not do it right.

After brief spell in midfield, Wright got through the backs and was making tracks for the Marlow goal, when he was badly fouled by Jones, who deliberately pulled him down. However, Slough kept up the pressure, and Denton, who was playing a splendid game, sent in a capital shot, but Sawyer was resourceful in goal, and no doubt saved his side.

Through the agency of Janes, the Marlow team had a look in, but Crocker frustrated their efforts to find the net. Sid Shaw was within an ace of scoring, after which Denton dribbled up and passed to Poole, who transferred to J. Ivall but again this forward failed, and made a very weak shot.

Marlow then had the misfortune to lose Jones who sustained a bad kick on the ankle, and had to be carried off the field.

With only ten men in the field the visitors played up grandly, and kept the home team going for all they were worth. The latter had one or two good openings to improve their score, but weakness in front of goal neutralised the opportunities presented, and the game ended in a draw of one goal each.

Marlow Lineup

H. E. Sawyer, C. Jones, E. Shaw, L. J. Sellman, S. Rivers-Smith, J. A. Turney, J. W. Janes, R. J. Spindlo, H. Arber, C. A. Shaw, Sid Shaw.


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