Slough Get Easy Win Over Wycombe

Slough Town

Slough Town

Poole (1-0), Wright (2-0), Werrell (3-0)
Wycombe Wanderers

Wycombe Wanderers

League Unknown
Slough accomplished a good performance on the Dolphin ground on Saturday last when they defeated somewhat easily the Wycombe Wanderers. In the first encounter early in the season the Wanderers won by 2 to nil victory they repeated in the second round of the amateur cup.

They were, therefore, generally considered to have an easy thing on in this return match. Both clubs had out their strongest available teams, C. Pugh and C. Buchanan who are on the injured list, still being out of the Wanderers ranks.

Slough had rearranged the forward line, Young going outside right, J. Ivall inside right, and J. Wright centre. This worked capitally and after the change of ends, Slough had matters all their own way.

Nothing was done in the first half, although Slough was several times within an ace of scoring, but immediately on restarting a fine passing run, in which all the home forward took part, resulted in a corner.

This was finally placed by Young, and after Reynolds and once saved, Wheatley sent over the bar. Directly after J. Ivall and Young made another good run and Poole missed a fine opening from Young’s centre.

He atoned directly after however by scoring from a pass by Denton. Slough continue to have all the best of the exchanges, and it was not long before J. Ivall and Young made another capital run, And from the latters pass Wright scored a magnificent goal, the shot beating Reynolds all the way.

Wycombe where occasionally dangerous after this, but Slough always help the upper hand and from a corner well placed by Summersby, J. Ivall headed to Werrell, who was standing just outside the scrimmage and he drove the ball into the net for the third time.

Wycombe failed to reply, and retired defeated by 3 to 0. The winners were loudly cheered on returning to the dressing room. They had played well to a man. A. W. Keen, who spoiled his otherwise good play by unnecessary fouls, F. C. Keen, Hooper and Rouse worked very hard for the losers.

Wycombe Wanderers Lineup

E. Reynolds, W. J. M. Probert, A. W. Keen, F. C. Keen, B. C. Hooper, G. Stevens, A. Green, R. White, F. Rouse, W. Buchanan, T. Barlow.


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