Slough And Marlow Draw Again

Slough Town

Slough Town

Morton o.g. (1-1)


Unknown (5)
B&B Senior Cup Attendance: 900 Unknown
Great interest was centred in this tie at the Dolphin ground by reason of the fact that the team had played two drone games. It was a wretched afternoon, and it says something for the attractiveness of the meeting when we say that over 900 people lined the ropes.

The home team were not quite up to full strength, fish are taking the place of Ivall. At the outset of the game Marlow pressed, and before five minutes had gone Crocker was beaten. This was a bad start, but the homesters gradually got together and worked the ball into the visitors territory.

The Brothers Shaw at the back however played a splendid game and were always on the alert. Fisher got the ball in neutral territory and running up centred it beautifully, Wright and Poole were both on the ball and it is difficult to say who shot, but one of those two did. The custodian tried to save it but had hard luck, and in trying to put it round the post he fisted it into his own goal.

This brought the scores level and the Sloughites were once again optimistic. They had good reason to be, as the home team we are having much the best of play. Denton, Poole and Wright were responsible for a pretty concerted movement and it was an admirable chance to score but the last named shot over the bar.

Walker was guilty of making a bad foul and a freekick took place in dangerous proximity to the Slough goal. Werrell conceded a corner and the kick was well taken. Paul obtained possession and rushed the leather away and passed to Young who came up the field at a rare pace followed by Sid Shaw who grassed him and the ball was sent out.

A foul was appealed for but not given. One or two of the decisions of the referee caused considerable comment and a portion of the gate gave evidence of their disgust and what they considered favouritism towards Marlow.

Certainly there was one grave error to Slough, as Poole looked like capturing a goal but he was adjudged offside. The crowd were incensed at the injustice and a running comment was sustained.

Marlow rushed down, but Werrell, who was playing a splendid game, got the ball and kicked into neutral territory. A foul against the visitors assisted Slough, and the Marlow goalkeeper had to save. Ivall put in a nice long and high shot but it was well negotiated.

Crocker was also called upon to deal with a similarly difficult shot, but he cleared well and half-time arrived with the score at one goal each.

After the interval Slough had the wind with them, but it was blowing a gale, raining in torrents, and altogether wretched.

Under such conditions accurate play was out of the question, and it speaks well for the excellent condition of the teams that they were able to keep the game going so fast. After the restart Young ran down and sent in a swift shot but it fell a little short.

The game was quickly transferred to the home territory and Crocker had to say. Marlow had perhaps a little of the upper hand for a few moments and looked like scoring. The ball was cleared and the danger averted. E. Shaw then gave a corner. The kick was got away but Walker returned and after a brief scrimmage in front of goal right had a beautiful chance to score. He made a good try and hit the crossbar, the ball then rebounded into play and was soon in midfield. The game was fairly even each side pressing in turn and Ivall hit the crossbar. The home side now caused the Marlow people some anxiety and they looked as if they must score.

The defence of Marlow, was superb and defied all the attacks of the home forwards. Slough seem to get a little demoralised, and Davis rushed down, but Walker found him close to the line and a penalty was given. It looked all over for Slough bar the shouting, when Teddy Shaw, the oldest of the famous trio who have been identified with Bucks football for many years, took the kick. There was anxious, nay, breathless suspense, but a terrific cheer rent the air when it was seen that the Marlow man had missed a golden chance and sent to ball over the crossbar.

There was much cheer at this bit of luck and shortly afterwards the whistle blew for time, the teams for the third time playing a drawn game of one goal each.

Young, Wright, Poole, Wheatley, Summersby and Werrell were the pick of Slough, and the brothers Shaw, Spindlo, Fisher, and Moore worked very hard for Marlow.

The match will be replayed at Maidenhead.

Marlow Lineup

G. Morton, E. Shaw, Sid Shaw, L. Sellman, R. J. Spindlo, A. Street, L. A. Fisher, C. A. Shaw, F. W. Moore, H. Arber, W. Davis.


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