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Piner (unknown), J. Palmer (unknown), G. Payne (unknown, 3-0)
Marlow Ramblers

Marlow Ramblers

Berks & Bucks Junior Cup G. Payne
The first round of the Berks and Bucks Junior Cup tie between the Slough Football Club and the Marlow Ramblers was played at the Dolphin Grounds on Saturday afternoon.

The home team won the toss and elected to kick with the wind in their favour.

At the commencement, the Slough team showed some capital play, but the Marlow goalkeeper proved to be too vigilant for them, for he showed grand defence.

Eventually however, the Slough men were credited with a goal, and the score at half time was one to nil.

After an interval of five minutes, the game was re-started.

The home team began to press their opponents and very soon gained another goal. Shortly afterwards, Payne placed a third to the score of the Slough players who obtained a fourth about five minutes before time, making them victors by four to nil.

Kember, Payne and Pyner, who were in good form, played well.

Marlow Ramblers Lineup


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