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The Vanarama National League South

Slough Record Fine Win Over Maidenhead

Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Ivall (4), Smith (35), Poole (3-0), Wright (88)
Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

FA Amateur Cup Unknown
These teams met in the second round of the Amateur Cup (qualifying competition) on Saturday afternoon at the Dolphin, Slough. The home side won the toss and Poole nearly scored within the first minute. The Slough forwards maintained an aggressive attitude and from a throw in by Summersby, Poole centred, and J. Ivall headed the ball into the net and captured the first goal within four minutes of the kick off.

This reverse caused the visitors to buck up, and they certainly played a much better game and for some time the home defence was kept busy. Fisher was especially prominent and played an excellent game. The Maidenhead forwards several times got going, but the home skipper with Walker broke up their combination. Durrant managed to get in two good shots, but they went by.

The homesters then had a spell of attack, and Poole and Denton both put in some good work. The former sent in a beauty which the visiting custodian just managed to scoop out of his goal. Wright was then conspicuous for a good run, finishing up with a capital try for goal, but Edwards defended his citadel very finely.

From a well-placed corner by Summersby, R. J. Ivall tipped the ball to Poole and the latter was within an ace of scoring. Wright again got away and forced a corner off Lacey. This kick was beautifully taken by Padwick, and Ivall headed in, but Edwards was quite equal to the emergency and cleared his charge.

The home side continued to have the best of matters, and Smith sent in a daisy cutter, but it missed the goal by about half a yard. Several rushes were made by Maidenhead and some good openings were offered them, but their front rank failed to utilise them, their shooting being poor.

Thirty five minutes from the commencement a rush was made by Ivall, Wright and Poole, and the latter passing to Smith, the Slough centre forward sent in a grand cross shot which easily beat Edwards all the way. At half time, the score remained, Slough 2 goals, Maidenhead nil.

The game during the first part had been fairly well contested, but in the second moiety the home side had the measure of their opponents and did not extend themselves. Directly after the restart, Smith sent in a fine shot low down in the corner, but Edwards dropped on the ball just in time and threw it out; but Poole gaining possession sent the sphere over the bar.

A splendid chance was accorded Wright to score, but his effort was very weak. F. Walton then got moving and he was only grassed within thirty yards of the Slough goal. Two or three inroads were made by the visitors attacking line, but Fisher and Walker were always able to satisfactorily cope with it.

The former played a particularly gentlemanly game and looked where he was playing the ball, thus giving his half backs and forwards a chance. The home quintet subsequently got together and made a combined and determined attempt to penetrate the Maidenhead goal, but the visiting defence proved equally obdurate and stubborn.

There was a hard struggle for some few minutes and the Maidenhead supporters were not at all comfortable, but the speedy Durrant then got the ball and quick relieved the pressure. Maidenhead looked like scoring, but their attack when near goal was poor, and a good opportunity was not taken advantage of. M. Walton passed to Durrant and the latter centred to F. Walton, who had an excellent chance to notch a point, but he put the leather over the bar.

Immediately afterwards, Poole received a nice pass and sent in hot shot which completely baffled Edwards. The home side continued to show their superiority, but did not fatigue themselves, taking matters very quietly. Padwick was, a little later in the game, “crocked” and Slough were left with practically only ten men in the field, but they always held the upper hand and if the forwards were only good shots several more goals would have been scored.

Two or three minutes before time, Wright dribbled up and finished up a good individual effort by a shot which notched another point.

Maidenhead United Lineup

R. Edwards, Henry, Lacey, Woodhouse, W. Walton, M. Walton, Edmunds, Collyer, F. Walton, Tucker, Durrant.


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