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Fri Jul 5

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The Vanarama National League South

Slough Lose Unbeaten Record To Generals

Slough Town

Slough Town

R. Ivall (1-1)
Chesham Generals

Chesham Generals

Walker o.g. (13), Reynolds (72 pen)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
This season’s unbeaten record of Slough was brought to a conclusion on Saturday, when they met the Chesham team. Considerable speculation was indulged in as to which was likely to prove victors, and there was a splendid gate, the number of spectators lining the ropes probably being the largest that has been seen on the Dolphin Ground this year.

At the commencement of the game, Chesham at once hotly attacked and penned the home players in their territory. For five minutes this bombardment was kept up and then there was a break away by the Slough front rank. Thirteen minutes from the start, Pheby shot and Walker in trying to clear, steered the ball into goal, otherwise Crocker would have saved the Chesham players effort.

This early reverse seemed to stimulate the home forces and for a time Slough did better. Denton, Poole and Smith put in some good work, but the shooting was weak. Denton forced a corner but nothing resulted.

Immediately afterwards Smith shot across the goal, but Ivall failed to get to it. Padwick, Smith and Walker were all conspicuous and the custodian was called upon to save, whilst Denton shot just over.

The visitors seemed the superior team, the home half backs playing a very poor game, being hardly ever in their proper position, with the result that the visiting forwards had matters much their own way, and by their accurate passing and general combination caused Fisher and Walker a harassing time.

The home backs played a splendid game and made few mistakes. The home side got down again, but the Generals defence was very sure. Still they pressed and Ivall ha a difficult chance to shoot, but he waited too long and the visiting defence were smartly on the ball before it left the Slough players toe.

The game was of a fluctuating character and the homesters were certainly having the best of matters now, but there was not that combination and understanding between the team as was so noticeable in their opponents. A foul was given against each side and then Hawkes got away, there not being a half back near him. He centred over very nicely to Reynolds, who shot over the bar.

Pheby afterwards tried to find the Slough net, but Crocker beat him. The home side had gone rather to pieces at this stage of the game and Poole was guilty of a piece of weak play, and dilly dallied with the leather instead of passing it to Denton, whereby the Chesham centre pounced on the ball and made tracks for the home citadel and then transferred to Pheby, who carried on the attack, but he was unable to steady himself before shooting and the ball went wide.

Late Hawkes looked dangerous but he was still pulled up for an infringement of the offside rule. Still the Cheshamites pressed, and had it not been for the splendid defence of Fisher and Walker, Pheby would have banged the ball in, but Crocker threw himself on to the leather and saved.

The ball subsequently went across the mouth of goal, but Denton then gained possession and it was eventually sent into touch. From the thrown in Smith jumped on to the ball and transferred to Wright, who transferred to Ivall, and the leather was taken down on the wing.

Wright followed the ball up and Wall centring, the former was in a good position to score, but to the disgust of the spectators, the referee gave him offside. At half time the score remained Chesham Generals 1 goal, Slough nil.

After the interval, the Slough men showed improved form, and the forwards exhibiting splendid dash proved irresistible, and the defence of the visitors was severely taxed.

For some minutes the locals seemed certain to score. Ivall got the ball between his legs and was unable to get it free in time to shoot at the open goal. Smith was responsible for a tame attempt. The pressure was kept up and the home team supporters rose to a high pitch of excitement and elation.

The aggression was released by Plested, who dribbled down and then kicked hard forward. Fisher, followed by Pheby, went for the ball, but the former was guilty of a piece of gallery play – a failing rarely attributed to the Slough captain – and he nearly let his opponents in, Pheby running down and sending the ball out.

Again the home front rank were busy, Denton, Poole and Smith being particularly prominent. A combined rush caused anxiety, and Stevenson deliberately sent int touch a piece of play which elicited loud shouts of “Marlow” from the spectators.

Still the homesters were not to be denied, and Poole, sending in a nice shot disconcerted Redding, who fumbled the ball and many thought in trying to clear he carried the ball under the bar. The referee evidently disagreed and the leather was got away.

Immediately afterwards, with the home team front rank buzzing like bees round the visitors goalpost, a foul was given on the left. Walker took the kick and placed it in the direction of goal. Ivall happened to be standing well in and headed the ball into the net and equalised, much to the jubilation of the crowd.

On restarting, the visitors made an excursion to the home territory, but the ball was brought back by Denton and Poole, and the Chesham backs had to clear. Denton came again and sent in a nice shot, which Redding satisfactorily dealt with.

Padwick secured the return and passed it up to Ivall, who sent in a wild shot, and ball went out. Cheered by the onlookers both teams made strenuous efforts to add to their score, and a hard game was witnessed.

Pheby put in a long shot, but Crocker saved splendidly, putting the ball over the bar and conceding a corner. From the kick, Ivall dribbled up. The homesters seemed to fall away a little now, and although they received every encouragement to “play up”, their exhibition was lacking that smartness which characterised the opening of the second moiety.

Crocker saved twice, and then Denton ran up, but he was pulled up by Stevenson. The ball was centred from the left, and a corner was conceded by Slough, and Ivall nearly scored. Stevenson made a miskick and Ivall forced another corner, but from the kick Reynolds gained possession and passed out to Hawkes, who beat Summersby. Crocker saved a shot from the Chesham right winger, and Pheby then gained possession and was making tracks for the Slough goal, when he was stopped by Fisher.

The visitors were now busy round the Slough goal and eighteen minutes from the finish, Hawkes sent in a centre which just just fell within the 12 yards line. Fisher went for the ball and the Chesham player being in front of him, the referee thought he pushed Reynolds in the back and awarded the Generals a penalty kick. The Chesham centre took the kick and scored a nice goal, low down in the corner of the net.

This piece of bad luck – for it was harsh, Fisher stating afterwards that he never pushed hi opponent, took the interest out of the game and the whistle below without any further score with Chesham lucky winners by two goals to one.

Chesham Generals Lineup


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