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Fri Jul 5

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The Vanarama National League South

Slough Get Big Win In Semi Final



Stapleton (1-5)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Padwick (15), Young (0-2), Smith (48), Fisher (pen 0-4), Wright (0-5, 1-6), Cox (1-7)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
In wretched weather, rain falling during nearly the whole of the game, the first of the two semi finals in the Berks and Bucks Cup Competition was played on the Maidenhead F.C. ground, the local arrangements being made by Mr. W. J. Gilroy, a member of the Council of the B. and B.F.A Happily, the rain did not commence to descend until after those who intended witnessing the game had entered the field, and consequently "the gate" did not materially suffer, the receipts amounting to over £23.

Those present included a large contingent from Slough, but there were few representatives of the railway town, the journey being a long and tedious one.

It does not speak favourably for the Berks football that there should not be a single Berks club taking part in the semi finals. The contestants are four Bucks Clubs! In preliminary rounds, Slough had defeated Reading Amateurs and Maidenhead, while Wolverton had vanquished Chesham Generals and Newbury.

The performances of Wolverton fully warranted the expectation of a good game and no a few were sanguine, not only of their triumph over Slough, but predicted they would ultimately win the cup.

The Wolverton club was formerly strong amateur combination and made some splendid fights for the trophy of the allied counties, playing Maidenhead three times in the final in 1896, when, after extra time, Maidenhead beat them (at Wycombe) by 2 to 1.

A short time afterwards, Wolverton joined the ranks of the professional clubs, but this season they have returned to their first love and play as reinstated amateurs.

The Wolverton club of today, is not the Wolverton club as Maidenhead formerly knew it. Only one or two of the old players are included in the team. Wesley, the sturdy back, who has rendered the club such yeoman service, could not play on Saturday owing to influenza, and there is no doubt this diminished Wolverton's chances of success. Poole was absent from the Slough team from the same cause, so that the clubs were equally at a disadvantage.

A stiffish wind blew up the ground, and Slough, winning the toss, at once enlisted its services.

Wolverton started the play at 3.15 in heavy rain. The North Bucks men were soon amongst the Slough backs, and Summersby, playing a bit to the gallery, made a mistake and let in Simpson, who sent in a splendid shot, which only just missed scoring.

Ivall not got away, and getting clear, a goal appeared "a cert". Savage, however, outpaced him and cleared.

A couple of corners fell to Slough directly afterwards, but they were very poorly placed, and Wolverton cleared easily. A pot-shot by Ivall bounced just over the cross-bar. A couple of fouls against Howell, who had a weakness for holding opponents, preceded some very fine play by Stimpson, who is very fast and clever.

A spirited attack by Wolverton was applauded, Crocker saving finely from Dickens. Young was very nearly successful at the other end, and a corner resulted. This Padwick took, and passing out to Ivall, the latter sent the ball back and Padwick sent in a lovely shot, which the wind curled into the far corner of the net, and Slough scored a quarter of an hour from the start.

On the restart, Denton romped away, and passing to Young, gave that player a good chance to add to the score. Young shot at the heavens amid ironical laughter. Now came a fine attack by Wolverton, and Jennison made a capital shot, which only just failed.

A corner for Wolverton followed, but this was finally cleared, though at one time a score appeared probable. Stimpson once again distinguished himself by making a fine run, and finished up with a shot which Crocker found anything but easy to save.

Some pretty passing followed by Denton, Smith and Cox - the only bit of good combination all through the game - but the ball was finally sent over the bar.

The Wolverton front rank now became troublesome to the Slough defence, and Dickens sent in a stunning shot, which Crocker brilliantly dealt with. Keeping the ball down, almost at Crocker's feet, a goal appeared imminent.

Wolverton had the hardest of luck. The ball would do anything and go anywhere except over the line, and the attack ended in nothing but disappointment to Wolverton, who deserved a goal.

After this, Fisher - who plays as well as ever - tried a shot from the half-way line, and it nearly came off. Then Howell had a good run and shot well, but Crocker saved. Just on the call of half time, Young secured the ball and going away with it at a good pace, scored an easy goal. Many thought he was offside but in its passage to Young the ball touched the head of one of the Wolverton backs, and this put Young onside.

The interval arrived with the score Wolverton nil, Slough two.

With the wind in their favour, it was thought that Wolverton would now do most of the attacking, and perhaps wipe out the balance against them. Only three minutes play had elapsed when Cox mad ea good run and passed to Young, but the goalkeeper cleared. Smith quickly secured the ball, and taking deliberate aim, scored a third goal for Slough.

After this Wolverton went all to pieces, and the remainder of the play was not worth witnessing, whilst it would be a waste of space to describe it in detail. A few minutes after the previous score, Slough were awarded a penalty kick for a foul on Denton. Fisher took the kick and scored goal number four.

Then Denton made a run and passed to Wright, who scored a fifth goal.

Within three minutes of this success, Stapleton put the finishing touch to a spurt of good play by the Wolverton front rank by scoring a goal for Wolverton, their first and only point.

Slough quickly responded, Wright scoring an easy point and making the record 6 to 1 in favour of Slough. Shortly before time, Cox scored a seventh point for Slough from a pass by Young, and the referee sounded "time".

The game in the first half was splendidly contested, and Wolverton, as well as Slough, displayed good form but in the second moiety Slough were all over their opponents, who appeared demoralised in their play.

The slippery turf and greasy ball may have affected them more than their much heavier opponents.

A feature of the match was the brilliant back play of W. Abbey, the right back of Wolverton, who appeared to be able to take the ball when in any position, and whose play elicited repeated cheers.

Stimpson, on the outside right, was a fast and clever player, and Howell and Dickens also deserve a special word of praise.

For Slough, all played well, though special mention ought to be made of Crocker, Fisher, Denton and Young.

Summersby appeared to forget that he was a half back and for the best part of the time he was with the backs and more than once behind them! The result was that the wing which he should have looked after suffered considerably.

Wolverton Lineup

E. Jeffrey, H. Savage, W. Abbey, G. Stapleton, G. Meekings, T. Dickens (c), G. Brown, G. T. Brown, H. Jennison, A. Howell, C. Stimpson.


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