Bees Fly High To Oust Rebels

Slough Town

Slough Town

Morgan (pen)


FA Amateur Cup Attendance: 3500 Ben Abbey
To the great regret of their hundreds of supporters the Slough team made their exit from the Amateur Cup last Saturday when, after holding a goal lead at the interval they were beaten by their redoubtable visitors from Barnet by the odd goal of three.

Some 3.500 spectators had the pleasure of seeing a really brilliant exhibition of Amateur football, a stirring and exciting battle all through with "Jack as good as his master."

Slough's forwards especially the left wing, gave the Barnet defence a very worrying time, and the two wards in conjunction unction with Bowyer played magnificent football. Their passing was great and it was a pity that J. A. Ward should have chosen to change his tactics in the second half and lay too far back. Ivall played the best game he has played since his appearance in the team, and it must have been disheartening to him to see so many great shots saved with comparative ease by Jones. Outstanding amongst the half backs was Bowyer, who played a glorious game, and was easily the best middle man on the field.

Payne also was good, if a little slow, and the energetic Foster found the elusive Finch a tough handful to look after. The dashing Humphreys was the safer of the two backs, although Routledge brought off' many fine tackles. In goal Marshall had an unfortunate day, he made three astonishingly good saves, but was sadly at fault when both of the Barnet goals were scored.

Finch was constantly in the picture in the Barnet attach in the opening stages and from one centre by him Pullen saw a shot hit the foot of the upright and bounce away. Slough gradually improved and when Hughes handled a centre from J.A. Ward in the penalty area, Morgan made no mistake from the spot kick to give Slough the lead, a lead which they held until the interval in spite of incessant attacks of a high-class by both teams. Only great work by Jones, in the Barnet goal prevented likely looking scoring shots from finding their intended destination.

As in the first half, so in the second, Barnet went out for an early goal. Slough, however, held out well, if a little luckily. Coolness would have stood them in good stead, but rather did they allow themselves to become a little rattled and several of them were seen to be running alI over the field when thoughtful positional play would have saved their energy. Morgan once shot past Jones, but the whistle had previously gone for offside. It was a speculative overhead kick from Morris which brought Barnet their equaliser. Marshall for some unaccountable reason allowing the ball to roll under his arm into the net.

Inspired by this success Barnet went all out for the winner, and it t was not long before it t came. The Slough defenders had advanced far too much upfield and when Pullen broke away and centred Morris was standing unmarked and had ample time to look round and choose the spot of the goal in which he could send the ball. Marshall would have done well to have left his goal when he saw how desperate the situation was.

The rest of the game was one long ding-dong struggle, with Slough striving might and main to save the game and Barnet to make the issue safe. The visitors had one great chance when they were awarded a penalty taken by Richardson, after Finch had been fouled, but Marshall effected a great save from the spot kick. Straight from the clearance Harmon had a clear field, but he failed to grasp his opportunity and delay allowed the Barnet defenders to get into position.

Barnet Lineup

H, P. Jones, G. Hughes, F. Garrett, H. Marchant, A, Snaith, W. Martin, J, Pullen, F. McDonald, A, Morris, A. Richardson, L. Finch


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