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Fussell, Fussell, Chadwick
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Finchley, who had won their four previous games, lined up a pretty hot side, including Young, Rogers. Baker, Taylor, Hill and the Boston brothers. Seldom have we on the sidelines, witnessed such an entertaining game.

Both teams played good football, with Slough always the better combination. One period during the first half we had Finchley running round in circles in their efforts to put a brake on our elusive football machine. A delightful piece of play between Marshall and Williams placed Chadwick in possession, and his fast ground shot from 30 yards out beat Hill all the way.

Soon afterwards, the home goal had a charmed life when point blank blinders from Gil Fussell and Tommy Jones were parried on the goal line. Then came a typical Fussell burst and we were two goals up at the interval.

Finchley altered their tactics on the resumption, but this only gave our backs, Elderfield and Bricknell, an opportunity to show their mettle, in fact one of Bricknell's first-time clearances brought Hill to his knees at the other end. Finchley eventually reduced the lead, the ball entering the net via the crossbar, following a rare set-to in front of goal.

We narrowly missed adding to our lead on several occasions before Fussell flashed in a glorious header from the Fisher service. We were also awarded a penalty, but this was disallowed after much flag-wagging from a linesman.

Before the end Jones, Marshall and Fussell tested Hill with good efforts.

The team played very well indeed. Les Brown completely disorganised the Finchley attack by taking care of Jack Rogers. The wing halves, Sid Spibey and Roy Williams, distributed and tackled well. Our custodian, West, gave a polished exhibition of good goalkeeping, whilst the backs, Elderfield and Bricknell, dovetailed nicely into the general scheme. The speed and elusiveness of Fussell was a constant thorn in the Finchley defence. Fisher and Marshall were raiders par excellence and the clever workmanship of the insides, Jones and Chadwick, was a joy to behold. We enjoyed our visit to Finchley, and after the game one of the borne club officials commented, "Slough would not have been flattered had they scored ten."

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