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Sat Jul 9

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Sat Jul 9 13:00
The Vanarama National League South

Slough Best United

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Att: 3000
Maidenhead United
0 - 2
Slough Town
Norris (32), Tatton (35)
A crowd of about 3,000 spectators turned up at the York Road ground on Boxing Day to witness the return game between the two teams, and as Maidenhead had only lost by 3-2 at Slough on Christmas morning, it was thought that they had a reasonable chance of success, but as events turned out, Slough again proved victorious with a score of 2-0.

Neither club was at full strength, Slough being without Bratchell, Morris and Glover, and Maidenhead without Payne. Nickolls, Lucas and Hing deputised for the Slough men, and Drewitt filled the vacant place in the Maidenhead ranks.

Richards won the toss and Maidenhead defended the Bell street goal. Slough were early aggressive, and Snow enabled Lucas to test Neighbour, who saved and punted out to Grant, who, however, put by.

Rose got in a good effort on the Maidenhead left and after his first centre had been kicked away he secured again, but sent wide of the posts. Judicious feeding of Grant caused a lot of danger to the Maidenhead goal, and Care seemed quite unable to cope with him.

Two or three corners accrued of his work, but the home defence kept their goal intact, though it had a lucky escape soon after, when Snow gave Norris a clear course, and "Tory" hit the far upright, Neighbour giving a corner (which was put behind) from the rebound.

Norris again got through and gave Neighbour a hot shot to deal with, which he did successfully, and Maidenhead took a turn in the attack and with Strickland almost through, Payne conceded a corner, but this was easily dealt with.

The game was marred by frequent kicks to touch, and this continued till the end, the Slough backs, and particularly McConnell, being the worst offenders.

Slough set up a heavy pressure again, and with Care showing no improvement, Grant got in a number of fine centres, and Norris tried several shots at goal, only to find Neighbour at his best, while once Marcham saved an almost certain goal.

A bright raid by Maidenhead almost produced a goal, for Marcham got in some fine constructive work, and set Rose on the run. The winger got in a perfect centre and Benger came running in to head inches over.

Then followed a bright five minutes, for Grant easily beat Care and centred for Norris to head a good goal, which Neighbour made a splendid attempt to save, after 32 minutes' play.

From the re-start Maidenhead went down in a body, and Luff had much difficulty to save from Pearce; doing so at the expense of a corner which was only cleared after a fierce struggle.

Grant transferred play, and following a touch throw, centred for Tatton to score at close after
35 minutes play; and by these two goals Slough led at the interval.

After the interval found Maidenhead on the aggressive and two corners were quickly forced, Luff saving from Strickland in good style. A long spell of midfield play ensued in which neither side could make any headway, but eventually Maidenhead put up a strong attack and Luff had to save from Strickland and W. Laurie, while a corner was cleared.

Slough put up a good raid in which Neighbour twice punched clear from Norris and Lucas, and Tatton missed by inches.

Gradually Slough gave up attacking and concentrated on keeping their lead, and Maidenhead were very much in the picture, but could not beat Luff, who was well covered by Payne and McConnell. Once a centre from Rose was missed by Luff, and with an open goal the Maidenhead forwards missed a fine chance of scoring.

Several corners were forced, but none of these were turned to account, while shortly before time Benger on the goal-line put over, from left wing work. In the last few minutes Maidenhead put extra dash into their work, but Luff was impregnable, and so the Magpies had to retire defeated by 2-0.

Maidenhead United Line up

R. Neighbour, C. D. Care, F. G. Marcham, L. J. Drewitt, W. Laurie, A. Richards, W. Benger, J. Laurie, E. V. Pearce, G. Strickland, F. W. Rose.

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