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Last Saturday, October the 13th, I witnessed the Miracle of Maidenhead.

I am quite sure that the Magpies only managed to keep the boys from scoring in the second half by the aid of supernatural forces. Slough simply peppered the home goal and yet lost. During the last 30 minutes I noted, Elderfield and Potter, the backs, taking part in the pot-shot bombardment.

One incident stands out boldly. Angell smacked the cross bar with a rasper and Fox first-timed the rebound only to see his unstroppable shot hit the upright. Next, Griggs fumbled a long shot, the ball slipped out of his hands and rolled down his back - yet remained on the sage side of the goal-line. Call it "the run of the ball" - call it "luck", but I think it was just miraculous.

The side played very well and served up grand football, but Maidenhead were very good too - indeed they deserved their lead at half time, but our showing in the second have them a football lesson.

Slough ran the home team off their feet but that equaliser would not come. Had it arrived I am sure Maidenhead would have collapsed and more goals would have followed.

But that's football chaps - anything can happen and does.

The uncertainty of the game makes it all the more attractive. Had the boys won easily, as everyone expected, the game would be forgotten in a week but all who were fortunate enough to be at York Road last Saturday will talk about the miracle of Maidenhead for years to come.

Mr W. C. Coward, Chairman of Corinthian League, attended the match and was greatly impressed by the clean and keen sporting spirit of both teams on and off the field.

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