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Oxford City

FA Cup Arthur Redford
We had hoped to include Cyril Nash in the side in place of Peter Stewart Mackenzie, but Cyril only landed in England on the Saturday morning and was unable to get here.

A last minute change brought in Arthur (Rattler) Morgan. Our thanks and congratulations go to Arthur for a splendid game at short notice.

The Club made football history in progressing farther than ever before in the Cup. Another record, the defence "The Old Faithfuls," Wakefield, Elderfield, Potter, Williams, Brown and Clements, played their tenth successive game unchanged.

Our thanks also to the record crowd that turned up and our appreciation for their grand sportsmanship, it impressed Oxford City and Messrs. W. C. Coward, of the Corinthian League and Maurice Love, the Berks and Bucks Hon. Secretary, who were present.

On the first serious attack on the Oxford citadel Arthur Redford headed a picture-book goal from a brilliant Angell centre.

The next highlight was a glorious full-length save by Charlie Wakefield that brought the house down. A fast and furious pace was maintained with both defences holding the upper hand. Interval score, 1-0.

Resuming, the City combined beautifully to equalise through James; a well deserved point and the product of blackboard tactics.

It was anyone's game until Ron Clements smashed in a snorter that Jefferies could only beat out. Redford threw himself at the ball and netted. A marvellous effort.

Ten minutes from time Stan Holton made the issue safe after a nice combined play between Williams and Angell. The lads were magnificent, each played for the team and gave his best. What more can we ask? Thank you, boys.

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