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Wealdstone (H)
Wed Dec 6

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Wealdstone (H)
Wed Dec 6 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Injury Changes The Game

| FA Cup
3 - 3
Slough Town
Angell, MacKenzie, Redford
Peter MacKenzie
Before the team settled down, the Stones were two goals up and plenty more looked like coming.

Wakefield made several wonderful saves. Just before half-time Bert Angell forced his way through and scored a very fine goal.

Resuming, the Rebels went on the warpath and within minutes were leading with beautiful goals by Arthur Redford and Peter McKenzie.

No stopping the lads now, and goals are likely to come by the basketful. Then stark calamity, Leslie Brown receives an injury to the eye. He is off 20 minutes but the boys hang on to that lead.

Les comes back but can only resume on the left wing and is severely handicapped by having his eye covered with bandage. Three minutes from time, the Stones equalise.

Leytonstone Line up


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