Attack on fans brings complaint to League

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5 - 0
Slough Town
John Beyer
SLOUGH'S brief spell of glory came to an abrupt end on Tuesday evening when visiting Enfield in the Berger Isthmian League they crashed to a 5-0 defeat to make their plight at the bottom of the table even more serious.

To make matters worse, some Slough supporters were subjected to abuse and rough handling by young home team fans after the match. Sticks and stones were thrown at the Slough coach and the Club are sending an official complaint to Enfield and the League.

Beyer and Feely came into the Slough side for Cooke and Kiely from the Cup winning team on Saturday.

Slough contained Enfield in the first half and at half time the home side had only scored once. Gane was injured and his place was taken by Norman.

Young was almost knocked out in a collision and it was while he was in a daze Enfield scored their second goal.

Young, in the end, had to retire and Slough's ten men were over-run, with the result Enfield scored three more goals in four minutes.

Once again the major trouble was in mid-field where Enfield got control and dictated the run of the play.

Enfield Line up

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