Rebels lose the sparkle

Bromsgrove Rovers

Bromsgrove Rovers

Crisp (15), Unknown (68), Unknown (70), Unknown (78).
Slough Town

Slough Town

Walton (30)
League Attendance: 686 Unknown
It was a tired-looking lacklustre Rebels side which faced a determined Bromsgrove on Saturday. The sparkle seen at early league games was missing from the players, with only Smith showing a sign of determination.

The game seemed balanced until Micklewhite made a fatal defensive error. Crisp played on the Rebels mistake and opened the scoring within the first quarter of an hour of play.

It almost seemed to good to be true at the half hour mark when Walton made a hopeful lob towards the net which defeated the keeper.

When the second half commenced a renewed energy and confidence propelled Slough around the pitch. Abbott put in a well placed header but the shot was saved at the foot of the post.

Slough seemed to regard this incident as an omen for the rest of the match. If there was a curse it was most noticeable in the usually impeccable keeper Miles, who dived for a Rovers shot and brought it to the ground. The ball, however, did not stay in his hands. The Rovers could not believe their luck and made it 2-1 in the 68th minute.

This was the first of three goals in the space of eight depressing minutes that must have seemed much longer for Slough fans. Two minutes later a free-kick from the right side wrong-footed Miles and in the 78th minute the defence again crumbled after a Bromsgrove free kick.

The game was probably the low point of the season for Slough, who are sorely missing the quality touches of Gary McGinnis for their last series of matches. The second half saw them facing the pressure going uphill and they never seemed to regain their composure.

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