Rebels Sink To A Roman Bath

Slough Town

Slough Town

Pluckrose (5), Anderson (32)
Bath City

Bath City

Randall (27), Weston (41)
League Attendance: 608 Mark Hill
It was certainly ding-dong merrily on high at Wexham Park when Bath bludgeoned a point from an incident-packed 2-2 draw with Slough. The rough-and-ready Romans were always second best in an emotional encounter, trailing twice after Alan Pluckrose put the righteous Rebels ahead in the fifth minute and Darren Anderson restored the lead in the 32nd.

It took goals from Paul Randall in the 27th and Ian Weston in the 41st to keep Bath's bovver boys bouyant. All four finishes resulted from end-to-end skirmishes in tricky winds which chiselled holes in both defences and led to untidy goalmouth scrambles.

And when the goals ceased to flow, referee Vosper's pen and tongue took over during a controversial second half which contained cryptic decisons which neither side could decipher, lengthy spells of treatment for the Rebels' Trevor Bunting, Colin Fielder and Francis Joseph, three bookings and futile lectures.

Grantley Dicks, making his debut for Bath, made an inglorious start to his career with both a yellow card and a sermon while Fielder and Randall went into print for petty crimes given what other players were allowed to get away with.

Two of the worst incidents concerned a kick in the face for Scott which went unpunished and the scything of Fielder by Romans' keeper Alan Churchward which had the crowd calling for his blood as well as a penalty. They got neither. In what time was left for soccer, Bath employed a dull and predictable long ball strategy which created just two chances.

The first fell to Graham Withey from a cross on the left, but Bunting read it well and was right behind the far post header. The other came from the right, Martin Boyle delivering to the near post where Bunting could only parry and Rob Cousins put
put the ball wide.

Bath City Lineup


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