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Walton & Hersham

Walton & Hersham

League Attendance: 703 Matthew Wojtowicz
A disappointing crowd of just 703 was treated to only the second goalless draw of the Rebels' season on Saturday - which was just what their opponents wanted.

But whether it was Walton's negative attitude or the home side's own lack of attacking power which brought about the stalemate is immaterial, especially with Aylesbury and Bromley gaining ground in the title race with three points apiece.

The list of potential chances was, for Slough at least, lengthy enough, even after a slow start to the match. Sayer could have connected with a ball across goal on 15 minutes, Dell tried a couple of long-range efforts with varying degrees of success and a bobble fooled Lay as he found space from 10 yards.

Yet despite the sort of spring sunshine which normally encourages vintage football, the route to the visitors' goal was blocked by heavy defending and some less than thoughtful crossing and sloppy finishing.

Walton probably came closesi to some sort of breakthrough, with James outpacing Baron and then being foiled by some brave goalkeeping from Bunting as he attentpted to round him.

Bushay also flirted with glory on 33 minutes, when his sharp header was well-collected by Wells. But perhaps the absence of Mark West - who above all can create something from nothing took its toll in front of the posts. Though reserve protege David Kellman tried his hardest to plug the gap, he faced a daunting task.

Neither was the second half any more rewarding, though a few choice words from Dave Russell seemed to get things going at first. Indeed, when Wojtowicz unleashed a 30-yard shot just after the interval, Wells was forced into such an athletic save that he required treatment on landing.

Bushay was next to have a go and twisted Wells again with a right-foot volley which was heading for the top corner before intervention.
Wojtowicz headed wide from the corner and Lay could also have hit the back of the net as time ticked away.

But the chances were generally either absent or not of sufficient quality to breach a determined back-line. Overall, the urgency just wasn't there. When pretty passing should have given way to route one, it just didn't happen. Quality may sadly need to take a back seat if the season is to take off, starting with Saturday - and Hayes' visit.

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