West Hat Trick Allows Rebels Comfortable Progress

Slough Town

Slough Town

West (22 pen, 45, 89), Bushay (65)
Collier Row

Collier Row

League Cup Attendance: 388 Mark West
Mark West added to an impressive goal-tally on Tuesday night as he took Slough into the third round of the League Cup with a convincing win over Third Division Collier Row.

From the onset of the game, Slough created chances, but were unable to make the final vital touch to transform many of these chances into goals.

In the opening minutes, an opportunity fell to Mark West, who on this occasion failed to capitalise. He however more than compensated for this with his man-of-the-match winning hat-trick, the first goal being a penalty, gained by Slough in the 22nd minute, the hall being struck low and hard and giving the ex-West Ham and Northern Ireland goalie Alan McKnight, little chance.

His second goal was created in the 45th minute by Brian Lee, with a superb direct header to West, who assisted the ball as it sailed past the bewildered McKnight.

The Row were also pressurised by the probing and constructive play of Richardson on the wing, aided by Ansil Bushay and Andy Sayer, playing in central roles. Brian Lee and Andy Clement were dependable in a solid backline, this being reinforced by the last line of defence, Trevor Bunting.

Collier Row showed pace, but their skill was lacking in some aspects, however. Warner, Benstock and Rose did create openings, but like Slough in the first few minutes, were unable to convert these into goals.

On 65 minutes, Ansil Bushay, showing his ability, outdid the 'keeper to claim the Rebels' third. The slick manoeuvre was down to the innovation of Bushay, with a slick pass to West which was returned to Bushay to strike home.

West completed his hat-trick in the 89th minute, again the crucial ball coming from Bushay. The game unfortunately contained many futile fouls, with a total of seven players being booked, the ratio being four Slough to three Collier Row. These fouls, though, had worse implications for Slough as both Stone and Catlin received their fifth yellow cards of the season and therefore will each be suspended for three games each.

Luckily, this suspension doesn't come into action for 14 days, and so these players will be available for the Birmingham FA Cup lie on the 12th November.

Collier Row Lineup


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