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Baron (13), Bushay (0-2, 0-3)
League Attendance: 747 Ansil Bushay
An accomplished display from striker Ansil Bushay helped the Rebels to a richly deserved away win at Welling on Tuesday night.

Coming on the back of the demoralising five-goal reversal home to Southport, the result was warmly received by supporters who had feared their side's Saturday performance might be a flash in the pan.

They were to he proved very wrong as Slough maintained a firm grip on proceedings throughout the game and eventually left their more established Conference rivals looking vastly inferior.

All the goals came in a first-half attacking blitz. On 13 minutes, Baron eased the ball into the net from a Fiore corner shortly after Bushay had snared one shot wide and the brilliant Blackman had cannoned another off a defender's back.

A terrific exchange of passes between the charging Fiore and Clement should have resulted in a goal tor Bushay shortly afterwards but he ballooned the hall front six yards, and he came equally close when coaxing a full-length fingertip save from Harris with a well-judged lob.

When he did score, it was well worth the wait, skewering a brilliant sbut from an innocuous-looking situation which left the keeper well beaten.

The third came two minutes later when Bressington held the ball well inside the area and waited for Bushay again to arrive and finish simply from five yards.

The second half saw containment the order of the day, a task the Rebels carried out successfully. It is arguably more difficult to sbut up shop than to go all out for victory as more control and concentration is needed in all areas of the pitch, but Slough played a patient and thoughtful passing game without resorting to the needless timewasting tactics others might have used.

Only on two occasions did the impressive make-up threaten to crack. Gamble sprinted past Harvey and Baron but could only trickle the ball wide, while Preddie's instinctive parry defused a long-range Barnes drive.

Bushay and West looked content to stick with the three goals and save themselves for the Bank Holiday weekend as the whistle blew.

For once, praise is necessary as Slough displayed outstanding togetherness and understanding, which helped them overcome a team with solid grounds in the Conference. While early predictions are tempting but often misleading, it must be said that it seems as though Russell and Craker have at last got things completeIy right on the pitch, and great things beckon they can add consistency to an inspiring mix of playing and tactical ability.

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