Abbott double helps Slough beat Bulls

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Abbott 2, Browne
Hereford United

Hereford United

League Attendance: 1056 Gary Abbott
Two goals Gary Abbott helped Slough beat freshly-relegated Hereford United in the first ever meeting between the two clubs.

For Hereford, the lack of both John Brough and Richard Walker made a noticeable difference as Slough walked through the defence on quite a number of occassions. Gavin Mahon and Ian Rodgerson are not cut out for being central defenders and their inadaquacies clearly showed in this respect.

The revised formula failed to work and United were completely outplayed as they failed to adapt. Wexham Park was hardly the place to try it either, as Slough have been unbeaten at home for about the last 3 months.

Slough again proved that an early goal has a great deal of effect on Hereford as Gary Brazil (aptly named as judging by his footwork at the start of this move he could play for them) snaked a cross right through the entire United defence to Gary Abbott who was loitering on the back post and simply tapped the ball home.

Give United their dues, they made a better than usual reply and Richard Leadbeater's shot was blocked by Paul Wilkerson, the ball returned to Agana who should really have finished the goal easily but his shot was well wide.

Slough's second came during a dubious decision to allow play to continue. The ball was quickly sent from end to end during a very quick couple of runs of play.

The ball came from the Slough end, through the United defence towards Danny Bolt who was still running back from the previous attacking play. He was thought to be offside by the United defence who made a reasonable call form it and then settled back, expecting the flag to go up. The problem was, as Bolt made no attempt to play the ball and simply continued past it, he was deemed as not interfering with play. This allowed both Brazil and Abbott to sprint through the stationary United defence. Brazil collected the ball and crossed to Abbott leaving Andy Quy completely stranded while the ball was slipped into the net.

Brazil also played a vital part in the third goal as he made a stunning break down the wing and then sent in a swinging cross to Corey Browne on the back post.

United did make a flurry of efforts on goal in the last five minutes but none of them were converted and it was far too little, too late.

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